How to Live Greener in Glasgow

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Glasgow is great making steps to become more environmentally friendly. Recently an eco-friendly community group managed to win three awards for their efforts in Scotland’s second city, but could you be doing more. If everyone in the area adopts a green life style that can be seen from so city will be well on its way to inspire other towns and cities around the world. As 2013 has been declared the Year of Natural Scotland it’s a good time to evaluate your lifestyle and see how you can help the environment.

Make a Difference in the Home

The first place to start is by going around your house and deciding where you can introduce environmentally friendly systems. There are all sorts of areas where you’ll find room for improvement.

• Replacing all light bulbs for LEDs or eco-friendly bulbs.

• Removing all plugs that are not in use from the sockets.

• Always remembering to unplug chargers once the device has reached full charge.

• Insulating the walls and roof.

• Replacing windows for double and triple glazed windows.

• Finding all the drafts in the home and find ways to reduce them.

• Stop using plastic, especially in the kitchen. Plastic is bad for the environment and it’s also bad for our bodies too. Never use plastic to store foods and drinks, always use alternatives such as glass.

Improve the Greenery of Your Garden

In the garden you will find ways of helping the environment. You will need to stop using chemicals to control weeds or help your plants and vegetables to grow. Look for natural solutions rather than polluting the land and the atmosphere with chemicals.

One of the jobs that needs to be high on your list of things to do is harvesting rainwater. Glasgow gets its fair share of rain and you can collect it using water butts, collecting the run-off water from your gutters. You might want to go at to do one step further and use an underwater tank with a filter system. You will then be able to use the water in the home for jobs such as flushing the toilet and washing clothes.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Recycling

Stop throwing away so much rubbish, you’re only contributing to the landfills and tips. Rubbish can take hundreds of years to biodegrade and often VOCs and chemicals are leaked into the land causing pollution in the waterways and soil and ruining the landscape. There are many items in the home which can be easily recycled.

Don’t stop at kitchen waste, this is where most families are working well and managing to reduce their waste. You can also recycle other items found in the home. Clothing and materials are often thrown out when they are no longer required. There are other household goods that can be recycled too such as jewellery, photo frames, rugs, vases, cutlery, curtains, lamps and candles. The good news is here are places where you can earn money for recycling products like these. Visit a Glasgow recycling centre and see just how much you can earn by becoming more eco-friendly.

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