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what is the best for beginner (I think it should be easy to learn and perform)?

Body-weight exercises would be the suitable home exercises for beginners if you are not at gym and without any equipment. This type of workouts are easy and simple. I just learn the some Body-weight exercises from DailyUp and HIIT Time

Goal 1- Core Burning - Cut fat on your abdominal



Sit Up

Prone Swim

Knee Crunch

Butt Lift

Scissor Cross Leg

Cat-Row Stretch

Cobra Pose

Butterfly Stretch

Back Stretch


Goal 2- Body Fat-burning - Cut fat on every part of your body

Slide Moving

Arm Lift


High Knees



Spider Plank


Standing Back Stretch

Goal 3- Leg Stimulation - Focus on leg strength and solid muscle

Mountain Climber

Spider Plank

Leg Lift

Squat High Knees



Kick Back

Hip Support Stretch

Goal 4- Arm Strength - Focus on arm strength and solid muscle

Shoulder Roll

Arm Raise


Mountain Climber

Wrist Stretch

Chest Extension

Shoulder Extension

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