How to Maintain Your Hygiene while Traveling

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Face it: maintaining your hygiene is difficult enough when you’re in your own home, much less when you’re traveling in unfamiliar places. Though you know how important good hygiene is to your overall health and well-being, maintaining that hygiene can often be inconvenient and tiring. Fortunately, with a few easy steps, you can set yourself up to have great hygiene, no matter where your travels might take you.

Take It with You

One of the biggest inconveniences about good travel hygiene is being able to utilize the hygiene products you’re used to using. After all, once your skin gets used to a certain brand of shampoo or lotion, using another brand can cause oily hair, dry skin, or even an allergic reaction of some kind. That’s why it’s important to take along travel-sized bottles of your favorite hygiene products so you can easily use them wherever you are. If you can, try not to buy pre-made smaller versions of your normal toiletries. Instead, buy empty travel-sized bottles and fill them using the containers you have in your home.

Wash It Off

Often, while traveling, you get just an overall feeling of being dirty. There’s not any specific visible dirt on you anywhere but you still feel just “icky.” That’s where a good shower comes in. A shower doesn’t have to be long to be completely revitalizing for you as a weary traveler. If you don’t have access to a hotel shower, many deluxe airport lounges offer them to travelers. If you can’t afford to book the fare that gets you access to that lounge, many airlines offer day passes to their lounges for a lesser fee.

Get Ready

Part of maintaining good hygiene when you travel is already having good hygiene before you depart. For example, it’s much easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy if you’ve already been making regular visits to a dentist like Crest Hill Family Dental. It’s much easier to stick to good hand washing habits if you already are practicing good hand washing habits when you’re at home. With today’s modern conveniences, it’s unlikely you’ll be without access to facilities to keep yourself clean for more than a little while. For the time in between, prepare your body by practicing good hygiene at all times.

Be Aware

A big part of maintaining good hygiene while you’re traveling, or any time for that matter, is to simply be aware of your surroundings and avoid situations and places that could be harmful to your hygiene. For example, even though bacteria can only live on hard surfaces for one to two hours, it’s probably still a good idea to grip a bathroom door handle with a paper towel since only 68% of people actually wash their hands when leaving the bathroom. By keeping on top of the germs you encounter while traveling, it will be much easier for the hygiene regimen you do have to be effective.

Don’t Stress

For all the emphasis that should be put on good hygiene while you’re traveling, the other side of the coin is that you don’t want to stress about it so much that the stress causes your immune system to be weakened. If you miss brushing your teeth once or twice or if you touch your face after opening a door, you’re probably going to be fine. So long as you are consistent with your regimen when you can be, your body’s immune system will also do its job to keep you healthy, allowing you to enjoy your travels instead of having to find a doctor in an unfamiliar locale.

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