How to Prepare For an Important Flight


Whether you’ve flown before or not, it’s always a somewhat stressful and exciting experience, but a very important one, so it’s crucial to keep your head cool and make sure you don’t mess up anything. Besides the basic steps like buying the ticket, booking your hotel and organizing the transport to the airport, there are other details you need to see to.

Of course, you need to be very thoughtful when doing all of these above mentioned things, so choose your flight dates wisely if you’re going on vacation, as well as the airline; make sure you pick a good accommodation, preferably recommended by someone who has already been there; and finally, and no less importantly, hire an absolutely reliable airport transportation service with and impeccable track record. Ask for recommendations or follow your personal experience. After you’re done with all this, well, you’re far from being completely ready for the trip, so let’s start.

Have Your Passport, ID,or Visa Ready

Depending on where you’re travelling, make sure to have all the necessary documentation. If you are traveling abroad, you will need some form of ID to enter the foreign country, usually a passport. Do the online research, find out what you need; if necessary, obtain the required papers, and most importantly, have them with you on the day of your trip.

I’m aware this sounds like duh, I know, but even though it’s quite obvious, it still happens to people way too often to forget their passports, don’t notice they are no longer valid or that they know nothing about the visa requirements of the country they’re visiting. So please, do double-check.

Get Your Travel Insurance

I travel quite often, but this is one thing I keep putting off my mind. Not always, of course, but too often if you ask me. In general, travel insurances are not too expensive and can save you so much trouble and money.

Or even better, check with your current medical insurance if your policy covers travelling as well, since it may happen you already have one and don’t know about it.Even if you’re already covered, you can always get additional travel insurance which covers some more extreme situations such as emergency medical evacuation or transport of the remains.

Pack Wisely

It’s great to be positive and optimistic, but with a grain of reality. So make sure you pack all the essentials in your carry-on or purse. Wallet, documents, medications, laptop, cell phone, and maybe some spare clothes. I don’t want to sound negative, but I’m sure we all know someone who had their luggage lost forever.

You might want to have gadget chargers with you, and converters, depending on your destinations and maybe some light snack. But make sure you don’t over pack your carry-on, on the other hand.So bring the good faith everything will be just fine in the end.

Prepare Your Finances

Be sure not to leave home without two or three money options. Always have some cash with you, but not too much. If you wish, get some local currency before the trip, but check the exchange rate before that. Have your credit/debit and ATM cards with you. The best exchange rate could actually be at the ATM, so keep that in mind. You can also get the traveler’s checks if you wish, but make sure you write down their numbers somewhere and share those with a friend or family member at home, just in case.

This is not the end, of course, there are so many tiny details on the run, but in this way, you’ll at least be sure you have the basics completely covered. Have a nice flight!

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