How to See Las Vegas On Less Than $100 a Day

24th Jun 2019

For many people, the first thing that immediately comes to mind at the mention of Las Vegas, Nevada is spending money. On the contrary, if saving your pennies is more your style, this city might actually be your dream vacation destination.

You'll be amazed by how many inexpensive or even free attractions and activities you can find in a city most famously known for its extravagance. With this guide, you'll have the best trip you and your bank account have ever been on.

It has become more and more common over the years for people to take out payday loans in order to travel. This is, of course, a valid option if you or your family need extra help. Loans can be a great way to get out of a tough spot. However, if you don't exactly have excellent luck with loans, or you don't want the risk of ending up in debt, a low expense vacation will be best suited to your needs and it is possible.

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Here is a list of some of the many things you can do for fun and for free and Las Vegas.

1. See Fireballs Explode From the Mirage Volcano

Experience the rumbling, exploding, beautiful eruption of the Mirage Volcano as it sparkles and bursts with colors and steam. The display is set to the tune of songs by The Grateful Dead and Zakir Hussain. The Mirage volcano is located outside the entrance of the casino.

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Day 2

2. Visit Venice. Vegas Venice

Take a tour of the beautiful Grand Canal and the shops alongside it. Enjoy the street performers, eat on the piazza, watch gondolas and maybe even stop at the Water Front Cafe.

Photo of West Venice Drive, Vegas, Невада, США by Jane Travel
Day 3

3. Take a Hike at the Hoover Dam

Walk along the tunnels and railroads built throughout the hills. These tunnels are long, dark and sometimes even spooky passages leading to beautiful sights such as Fortification Hill, Lake Mead, and Boulder Basin.

Photo of Hoover Dam, Невада, США by Jane Travel
Day 4

4. Yummmm Chocolate

MandM world is also located in Las Vegas and offers a variety of fun candy themed activities. There, you can design your own candy, and browse through countless fun merchandise items. Hershey's Chocolate World is another option in which you can try and buy hundreds of different chocolates and candies, as well as learn about the history of chocolate and the Hershey's company.

Photo of M&M World, Лас-Вегас, Невада, США by Jane Travel
Day 5

5. Harrah's Piano Bar

This bar is filled with never-ending options when it comes to having fun. From interactive shows to karaoke, you're guaranteed a good time. Of course, the fun is free, but the bar does have a rule of a two-drink minimum. That means you might end up inspired to get on stage.

Photo of Las Vegas, Невада, США by Jane Travel

6. The Silverton Aquarium

Experience the beauty of 117,000 gallons of water, home to thousands upon thousands of tropical fish. This aquarium even includes live 'mermaids' interacting with the crowd from inside. This attraction also has a guide ready for any question you may have and even the chance to spot a diver feeding the animals.

Photo of The Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel, Blue Diamond Road, Лас-Вегас, Невада, США by Jane Travel

You may be thinking 'well these attractions sound fun and all but where am I going to stay?'. If you don't live close enough to Las Vegas for a day trip and imagining the zeros tacked on to the end of a hotel bill makes you shiver, there is hope for you yet. Not every hotel in Las Vegas is an expensive extravagant place like the ones you see movie stars in on TV.

There are many great lower-budget options to choose from including the La Quinta Inn and Suites for $90-$110 per night, the Hampton Inn Tropicana for $90-$100, Polo Towers Suites for $80-$100, the Orleans Hotel and Casino for $30-$50, the Downtown Grand for $40-$50, the Royal Resort for $40-$60 and many more. Check booking and discount travel sites for the best deals. Many of these hotels even include pools, casinos, free breakfast, WiFi, Restaurants, etc.

If you've been searching for the perfect low-budget Vacation, hopefully, this guide will help you in making your decision and your plans. Happy traveling!

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