How to use direct marketing by physical mail to get customers [Guide]

31st Aug 2018
Photo of How to use direct marketing by physical mail to get customers [Guide] by Sarmad Sandeelo

Postal mail also allows new clients to be obtained for companies, with measurement and monitoring options very similar to online marketing.

Is it possible to get clients using physical mail or postal mail? We live in a time of full boom of online marketing. But we can also get new customers through other channels. In fact, there are postal mail formulas that will allow us to increase our databases, capture leads, gain brand image or directly impact on potential customers . Objectives, all of them, essential for a small and medium business, and that can be obtained through postal mail . Check out EDDM® Every Door Direct Mail® printing, below we discuss some of their best features.

- Capture leads : is it possible to get new leads through physical mail? Yes. And with the same ability to define and obtain data as on the Internet. That is, we can measure the campaign (monitoring) and assess how it worked, in the same way as with any online marketing campaign. For this we can use the option called Publicorreo or Destination Postage.

- Segment by type of client. One of the keys in commercial communications is the personalization and segmentation of them. If your SME works with clients from different sectors, you can customize and segment your shipments . Exactly the same as in an emailing action through email. With the addition of reinforcing your brand image and, in addition, without losing measurement capacity on your campaigns, since it is possible to know at all times if the potential client responds or not to your communication (through postage on destination), and his reaction to her. All segmented by sectors or any other parameters, according to the objectives of the campaign.

- Uses databases of potential clients. If you have an idea, promotion or information that you think will be useful for a very specific type of client, you can rent a sectoral database of Correos. In this way, you will know that you are impacting directly and visually on an audience of your interest, without risk of falling into the spam tray, something that can happen through email marketing.

- Personalized and special direct marketing shipments . Companies can customize the information they send to the maximum, to the extent that a physical mail delivery is scheduledwith different colors, depending on the city to which the shipment is made.

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