How to Use Good FengShui Decor for Your Home


Choosing good fengshuidecor for your home is easy to achieve if you follow the foundation that fengshui sets for good energy. This means making sure that whatever you put in your house does the following things: keeps your house clean and clutter free; allows good quality air and light in; establishes an organized system and most of all, provides comfort. It also means making sure that each room has the five important elements in various strengths and positions. You could browse the Internet for more information about fengshui.

Five FengShui Elements

The five basic elements according to fengshui are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Different objects or colors can represent each of this. Wood is represented by green and brown while the Earth colors are light yellow and light brown. The fire colors are red, yellow, orange, purple and pink; the metal colors are white and gray while water is represented by blue and black. All these five elements should be present when you decorate a room.

Of course, with fengshui, decor and furnishings must be arranged in such a way that there is both a good flow of energy and pockets of centered energy. What does this mean? Furniture and decor should be arranged for uncluttered traffic while there should be warm and cozy areas for rest and interaction. An interior design Sydney firm can help you in case you want to incorporate these elements in your home design.

Color as a Tool in FengShuiDécor

Colors used in decor bring certain energies into a home and design. Is this a far-fetched idea? Actually, it is not. Scientific studies unrelated to fengshui have shown that color exerts influence in human behavior. For example, the color pink has been proven to cause a decrease in muscle strength; red seems to stimulate appetite and some shades of blue seem to lower systolic pressure. Fengshui contributes its own use of color.

Green helps improve health and balance family life if placed in the east fengshui area of the home.

Blue area supports career growth when placed in the north; it supports health and family when placed in the east and supports the aspiration of wealth and money in the southeast area.

Yellow in the south area will help make good times and joyful gatherings happen.

Pure white in the south will help creative efforts and support the well-being of children.

The use of fengshui to decorate a home or an office can be practiced according to many rules and principles and can be done using many elaborate accessories. However, successful fengshui decorating has one foremost principle: the home and the office are supposed to be places where one is safe, comfortable, and able to achieve whatever one aspires. When this is at the top of one's list in decorating a home, everything else will follow.

If you have a meager knowledge about interior design and you want to incorporate fengshui in your home design, it's best that you leave everything in the hands of a professional designer.

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