How to wear leather this summer?

1st Sep 2015
Photo of How to wear leather this summer? by mathew.medison2016
Photo of How to wear leather this summer? by mathew.medison2016
Photo of How to wear leather this summer? by mathew.medison2016
Photo of How to wear leather this summer? by mathew.medison2016

How to wear leather this summer?

Stop myths! Leather is also a flagship material of the spring / summer season. Especially since this year, the trend of the wave seventies allows us to revisit it in a vintage spirit. Whether you are male or female, here are all the tips to follow to properly wear the leather under the sun.

Side woman
Without hesitation, one riding the trend seventies by leather material for a chic bohemian or hippie look completely. In general, the focus is on natural colors such as retro brown, camel, beige or khaki and embellishes all with pastel colors.

The jacket
Centerpiece of any feminine outfit, the leather jacket will remain this summer the ideal companion for a little fresh evenings. To stick to the summer spirit, one chooses in colorful tones that are very trendy this season: peacock blue, pastel or navy, red, beige, pink and pastel green. However, the focus on clear parts to avoid garish outfits and his associates peps jacket with sober clothes. It must remain the centerpiece of your outfit! Another option, the suede jacket is very fashionable this season. If you want to play on the trend flower power thoroughly, it chooses with fringes and vintage tones like camel or retro brown.

The dress
For its part, the leather dress is the perfect garment for those remaining at work this summer. We opt for a flexible and fine material, such as lambskin, and is associated with flat sandals kind Spartan and a diesel jacket, to break her sexy side. To complete the outfit, choosing a shopping bag with ethnic patterns or colored pouch. If you prefer suede dress, do not hesitate to bet on the fringes to give you an urban Pocahontas style.

The skirt
The leather skirt is also very present, if one chooses skater shape, trapezoid or flared to give it air and light appearance. In a spirit casual, one door with a fluid top in khaki tones, rust, camel or outright ethnic prints. For an evening or to go to work, rather it is associated with a classic blouse in shades nude: white, beige or pale pink. On the feet, the focus on flat leather sandals and accessorize all with ethnic jewelry.

The leather shorts is the garment that will give you the feel of a chic adventurer! Is chosen preferably tall, a bit long and shades of camel, khaki, beige or brown. The day you wear it with a shirt loose with colorful prints and / or ethnic, flat gladiator sandals or sandals. In the evening, smooth coat is slipped in shades nude and opts for pumps or wedges, plus a pocket for the side glam.

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