How to write a good essay?

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In English-speaking countries, it is the form for writing questions, theses or thoughts in writing. It is particularly important not only to prepare well in terms of content but also to comply with the external form. The best content is worth nothing without a correct form!

The following simplified overview can help you to build a simple essay properly.

1. The topic

Almost always you are asked a question that you either with pros and cons arguments or with can only deal with one-sided (increasing or decreasing) arguments.

From the table, you can see what kind of reasoning you are considering (either pro and contra arguments or one-sided arguments only).

2. The introduction

Introduce the topic briefly and succinctly, as suggests to do. If you have a text (book, newspaper article, etc.) in front of you, you can go for it. Of course the question should also be mentioned.

The introduction is clearly separated from the main part by a paragraph.

3. The main body

The main part of the essay consists of your arguments (about three to five) that are visible from each other be separated.

At the beginning of each paragraph is an argument that you then continue to do. The individual arguments are at best connected with connecting words (to begin with, beyond, above all; on the one hand, on the other hand etc.)

Body and end are clearly separated by a paragraph.

4. The conclusion

In the final part you present the result of the comparison or the listing of your arguments and answer the task.

If appropriate, give an outlook beyond the question, or conclude with a question

Reflection on the topic.

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