How Travelling Makes You Creative And Open Minded

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Day Starts
6:00 am - Triiiinnngggg (Alarm Rings)
7:00- Reading Newspaper (Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta)
8:00- Rush to Office (Aaj bhi metro mein seat nahi milegi)
9:00 to 6:00 - Office Timing (Good Morning to Boss and colleagues,
Sitting in a cubicle, making few phone calls, Checking mails and work to satisfy your boss which is never going to happen because you can satisfy your wife but not your boss)
6:00 - 8:00 - Back To home (Thinking about weekend plan.)
8:00-10:00 - Watching TV and having dinner (yeh roz dal kyun bana dete ho yaar)
10:00- 11:00 - Scroll down to fb(your friends are getting married, Some of them are still confused whether their relationships are complicated or they actually are, Ohh see Rahul is feeling happy because he is getting a new job, Likes/Comments/Share and done)
11:30 - Restlessly Sleep
Day Ends

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If that's how your day starts and day ends, trust me you are doing something very wrong. I mean think about it, We spend our whole life to have this kind of life, seriously?

What about that childhood when you used to think about so many creative ideas. When you were so open minded that you used to discuss about interesting and unique ideas with your friends. Time Machines, Robots, Being an Astronaut Or Cricketer, When we used to try to repair everything by our own without even knowing the meaning of engineering. When we used to discuss about our stupid experiences and dreams like how you saw the tiger very first time? or how was your first experience with snow?. We had so many stories to share. The question is Where that person is lost?

Now What kind of stories you have to share? How did you get your first incentive? or how did you impress your boss? or How many maximum hours you worked in that cubicle? We are so fascinated by this western culture that we are actually running behind those creative ideas. Sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours everyday can block your mind. You cannot explore your own self in that cubicle. One should come out of it to think something out of the box and i personally feel when you travel, you make yourself free. When you observe something very beautiful in nature or when you hike for long long hours or when you dive into that river or when you do bungee from that mountain that's the only moment you don't think about your boss and your job, you just think about life and that is the only moment when colorful ideas start flowing in your head.

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Trust me, It's a magic and it works everytime. Why kids have more interesting ideas than us? Because they live their life with so damn ease. They play, they eat, they explore, sometimes they do things without any reason, they go out, they make mistakes and they learn. Ain't we getting too old in our 20's and 30's? I follow this comic strip of Calvin and Hobbes and i always notice that this kid calvin is more intelligent than 90% of us.

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So Travel, Travel frequently not because you need a break but you need time for your ownself. Don't forget that we are just a small kid by our heart so follow your heart and get lost somewhere you have never been before. Try Scuba in Andaman, Hike in The Himalayas, Have some great Mughlai food in Lucknow, Explore the core villages of Punjab(try sarson ka saag, makke di roti with a glass of lassi), Lost somewhere in the greenery of Kerela and Don't forget to observe the beautiful sunrise in Arunachal Pradesh. You will be a complete new and better person after each and every trip. And you never know may be you will find your own new creative business idea.

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So pack your bag and run away.

Source - Calvin and Hobbes