Hustle in Hyderabadi Style! #FaveCity

Photo of Hustle in Hyderabadi Style!  #FaveCity 1/2 by Nirbhay Pearala
A sight of Blood moon from Necklace road - a popular tourist spot of Hyderabad.

If i have to explain the lifestyle of a Hyderabadi in a single then it will be - Live life King Size. Having born and raised in the City of Nawabs I have always been possessive about two things - 1. Biriyani 2. Movies. Apart from me I think these both play a vital role in the life of every local in the city. Apart from rich history, the culture of the city is worth experiencing. Right from the lingo to the richness in flavours the lifestyle in here is impeccable. While the new city holds the hustle of software and technology, the old city is the heart of Hyderabad. Amidst the busy life one always travels from the new to old city to relive the magic and hold on to the roots.

Photo of Hustle in Hyderabadi Style!  #FaveCity 2/2 by Nirbhay Pearala
An Unconventional View of Charminar on a busy day.

Charminar being the landmark grips almost every epic centre in the locality, right from the bangles to the pearls to the Nawabi Delicacies its all packed in a surrounding of 5km radius. One shall not leave this place with no memories. The aura of the place lets one to vibe with it and fall in love with it. The video is a small snippet of my description, it shall take you to pre pandemic times and lets you vibe to it virtually.