I am the next traveller


I am the next African Traveller

So in between writing, studying and being a regular pioneer, I would like to travel to the Archipelago islands in Africa, no seriously, why not? Places like the Seychelles, Maldives, Zanzibar and the Comoros Islands are the must to go places to travel to.

So I have decided to share with you one of the top high reasons why I am going to these beautiful islands and being able to just understand the way these places go. At first, I did not know what was the real deal with the word Archipelago but now I do.

What is an Archipelago?

an expanse of water with many scattered islands: a group of islands something resembling an archipelago especially: a group or scattering of similar things archipelago of small parks within the city.

Did You Know?

The Greeks called it the Aegean Pelagos and the Italians referred to it as Arcipelago(principal sea), but English speakers now call it the Aegean Sea. Numerous islands dot its expanse, and 17th-century English speakers adopted a modified form of its Italian name for any sea with a similar scattering of islands. By the 19th century archipelago had come to refer to the groups of islands themselves, and now it is often used figuratively, as in, for example, “an archipelago of high rises.”

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When the word Seychelles comes up, I am reminded of blue seas and huge chunks of brown boulders stones built around the blue seas.


The Republic of Maldives is known as country, and to me, I remember it by being oddly shaped differently. It is also blue and very rainforest.


Comoros is a small inward country near Mozambique. It is mostly of the volcanic kind of island situated not far from Madagascar as well.

The islet of Banc du Geyser and the Glorioso Islands are part of the archipelago. The islands are politically divided between Comoros.


The Republic of Mauritius is an island country an makes up one of the Archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is more popular and very mountainous with beautiful wavering roads.

Why I want to go to these Archipelago

For the most part are the peace, the serenity, and the beach. Durban beaches are just not enough, I am starting to hate them due to the number of people coming here during the holidays! I just want somewhere where I can be able to tell a story.

There is an essence of storytelling

I know that when I am here, I will be able to tell a story, like literally a summer story, a regular pioneering story, where the characters will dive with the waves and speak of the Bible while sipping tea under large pine trees.


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