Despite the thousand compelling reasons to start Travelling, there are always a few excuses not to do so. Do you keep delaying your travel plans because –

You’re waiting for a day when you’ll have enough money!

– You never had money when you were a student.

– You didn’t have enough when you started earning.

– Your expenses will multiply when you get married and rocket when you’ll have kids.

– Your income will grow but you’ll buy a home.

– It will grow further but you’ll invest in pension plans and insurance policies.

– And then you always have to save for your kid’s education and marriage.

– Despite all this, can you still save Rs 100/- per day?

A saving of Rs 100/- per day or Rs 36000/- per year is sufficient to buy you two memorable 10-day trips within India.

– Are you a Tourist or a Traveller?

Be a traveller and not a tourist to break your perception that travelling is a costly affair. We have been fed up heavily by the tourism industry which successfully shields this huge business. Know the difference between ‘TOURISM’ which is an expensive affair and “TRAVELLING’ which is not.

You find it difficult to take time out to Travel!!

This is a symptom you need to change the way you organise your life.

The average no of leaves you are entitled to, as an Indian – 25

No of weekends in any given year – 52

Total no of days you are not working – 129 or 35%

Is it really difficult to take out 30 days for a couple of long vacations and a few weekend trips?

You think you will have more time to Travel when you’re settled!!

– Will you work for lesser hours a few years ahead?

– Do professional obligations ease out as you get promoted?

– Will your life be free of ups and downs?

– Are you getting young?

– Do you have a ‘settling down’ deadline?

You are always entangled in Personal Obligations!!

– Will you ever be free of your responsibilities towards your family?

– Are you the one always trying to make people happy?

– Do you kill a few holidays every year for some marriage you didn’t wish to attend?

– Do you maintain the right balance between your personal obligations and preferences?

“Travelling is a matter of mindset and will more than anything else. It gets into your DNA once you start and then pushes you to seek any opportunity to start Travelling Again.”