I Don't Want To Travel The World

15th Sep 2016

You might have heard people say that they want to "travel the world", "leave home and never come back", "fall in love with the road" and so on. But, it's not appropriate to assume that for every traveler. For there are people like me who don't want to travel the world, neither do they not want to come back home. For me these are mere words reverberating in the hollowness of momentary ecstasy. I have seen travelers go missing for years together, known a few as well. And I would be lying if I said I didn't envy them. I did. For these people are extinguished and sensational story tellers. But it only hit me recently that I never really identified myself with this idea. Why would I want to go missing when I was never found?

Traveling is a very private concept to me. Even the word makes me shift in my place and a sudden bright smile appears on my face, instantly making me want to go searching again. Yes, I said 'searching'. That is why I travel, that is why WE travel and explore. Why is it that people quit their well-paid jobs, step out of the comfort of air conditioned cabins and tear apart the story of their "safe lives" as if it were a bad news? And after that, why do they choose to go traveling? To search. To search for the little smiles they missed in corporate conferences, the humble backyard birthday parties they did not have time to attend. They search for that "one day" of their lives. We go searching not for answers, but for new questions. Because when we find answers, that is where we stop moving, discovering and living.

No, I don't wish to travel the world. Las Vegas, New York, Istanbul, Tokyo - I don't have to see all these great places and I don't aim for it as well. Instead, I want to travel to live in every corner of my being. Discover where my smile is the happiest. I want to discover my favorite cuisine and tease my taste buds. I want to know where my ultimate serenity lies. I want to know which language I want to speak for the rest of my life. I want to make new friends, wherever they are; see things that move me from within. To brief it, I want to go searching for anger, curiosity, calm, laughter, love, friendship, longing, pain, hurt and cure.

And home? How can I say I want to leave home when I never found it? So, I want to go looking for my home, wherever that might be. What I don't want is to find THE answer. I'd rather search for more appealing questions. And lastly, I want to re-invent and seek myself within once I have gathered the different parts of me,from all around the world. Till then, I'll just go searching.

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