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I Was Mad , Stupid , Crazy and yes I was Me.
Expenditure $ 4000

I was so excited about my Kanyakumari trip and this time I really wanted to have real fun. We always travel like a tourist and miss so many important things about the place but I wanted to travel like a traveler and I did. I could't make it to Vivekananda rock memorial because it was closed by the time I reach, I was not disappointed like other people around. I really don't know why. I thought I will explore the market and later I realized that was the best decision I made . I could see women working in local Dhaba which is  a rare sight in India I felt so good and motivated by just seeing these two women. I smiled and then asked one woman her name and  it was really beautiful "Mariyam" isn't it ?.  

It was such a inspiration and lesson for all the girls that no matter how much opportunities you get to study you don't need to be doctorate to work and become financially independent and no work is  big or small. Swamy Vivekananda also wanted women to be free and sister Nivedita's was an live example of his work and efforts. I could  feel why Swamy Vivekananda came here years back. There is so much peace and you don't want to come back especially when sun sets down and there is beautiful red color all around the sea and waves looks really beautiful. 

I enjoyed seeing local people in the market, some selling shells,  some selling bangles and some selling fresh  flowers. I was doing nothing just passing smile to everyone and I was loving it because I wanted to tell everybody that yes I am walking  around the same place where once Vivekananda might have walked and I am in Kanyakumari that comes at the end of Indian map , I was so mad about it. I wanted to shout out loud that yes I am here walking in the streets of Kanyakumari. So many times we miss those smiles , laugh and rare sights because we travel like tourists. Sometime just pass smile is the best thing one can ever do right ?

I enjoyed playing in the water and then ran towards sunset point like a mad girl because I did't want to miss that sight. If you ever visit Kanyakumari I would suggest you please never miss sunset view Its something that  I can't even describe it in words. After sunset I stayed there for more than one hour, I dipped my feet into the water,  sang and I was loving it. It was such a solace and I could feel the waves my heart.

I can say I smelled & tasted the place,  the taste that I am never going to forget. That's how I became a traveler not a tourist in Kanyakumari. I was mad , I was stupid , I was crazy and yes I was ME. 

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