Iceland Visit Hostel - Holmavik, Iceland


A morning wake-up to open seas !

Wonderful property in the small town of Holmavik. The owner is a wonderful lady and even gave me her home address so I could contact her in case of any need since the hostel was unmanned. There is no individual room key or main door, just a code which unlocks the main door and you can let yourself in. So no worries on losing room keys! Smart and tech savvy ! I was the first visitor of the season and had the entire hostel to myself. Managed to see the Auroras from there too.

Facilities are up to the mark and the location is wonderful. This hostel remains open most of the time of the year, which is a huge advantage for off-season travellers. In case, you dont find anyone in the building, don't panic ! Just walk up to the museum at the end of the road and ask the lady at the restaurant to call up the owner and she will arrive in her chariot within 2 minutes. Waking up to an open sea is a luxury in today's world, but this property offers exactly that ! Very satisfied with my stay.

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Photo of Iceland Visit Hostel, Hólmavík, Iceland by Devansh Dhar
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