Imagine a Place Where Every Home is an Island - Giethoorn

1st Jan 2018
Photo of Imagine a Place Where Every Home is an Island - Giethoorn by Karim S A

Giethoorn is a fairy tale like idyllic village which has no roads. Yes, you read it right. There are no roads here. The only way to move around is either walk on wooden bridges or sail around in Boats in the canals. There are a total of 180 small and beautiful wooden bridges here to move around, or small walkways, but you can enjoy the beauty of this village by hiring a boat to sail across the village.

One look at the photographs of this village will put our city life to shame. We will start wondering, "Are we really living a LIFE?" This beautiful village was set up by the settlers of Mediterraneans during the thirteenth century. So idyllic and so fairy like.

If still not satisfied by the beauty of this village through the photographs, go watch the movie FANFARE by the famous Dutch director Bert Haanstra, who has captured the real beauty of this beautiful village on the Camera Rolls. After that, this village became a tourist attraction. You can watch some HD videos too on YouTube to have a feel of the village before you can no more control your urge to book the tickets right away!

It's just 90 kilometers from Amsterdam. This beautiful village is located in the northwestern province Overijssel, in the central part of the Netherlands There are only 2600 people living in this village and all have their own beautiful homes which are small islands surrounded by the canals. One needs to ride a boat to go to any house or you can walk through the area on paths and cross the lovely bridges built across the canals.

We really need to do a lot of introspection with ourselves. Life is lead here in this beautiful little village. We are just logs, leading lifeless lives.

You can book a flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam for as little as INR 17, 984/- and from there, you can hire a cab to Giethoorn. Hey, wait, I said there are not roads here, how will your cab reach here then?

Well, as you reach the village, you can hop into one of their boats, and tour around!

I am sorry, I can write no more, I gotta go to book the tickets!

c ya guys!

Hey wait, I forgot to share one more interesting fact.  When winter comes, all the water of the canals gets freezed and its time for some ice-skating!.   Wow!   The whole village becomes a play gound!

Now, i really, cant wait any more!

c u der...(in case you booked your tickets too!)


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