Improving Website Traffic with Quizzes


It's no secret that websites are competing for the first page in search engine results. Some websites have been aggressively pursuing this that they do everything to maximize their SEO capabilities, following every best practice in search engine optimization that would boost their rankings. This practice isn't inherently bad. But what makes it affect websites negatively is that some websites tend to forget the fundamental purpose of their website, which is to have high quality and relevant content. Attracting new traffic from search engine optimization is definitely a requirement for any website to create revenue and survive. However, maintaining the existing number of traffic is just as important. Having visitors check out the website only once is still going to hurt the performance of the website in the search engine result page (SERP).

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One way to have visitors to keep coming back is to incorporate interesting quizzes. What makes it all the more amazing is that these quizzes are easy to set up because of the top quiz builders available. There's a good number of reliable Wordpress quiz plugin that can provide tools for creating quizzes that are engaging and dynamic. However, it's still important to take note of the available features of these tools to make sure that they address some important factors in creating a quiz that can reach out to visitors of the website.

A very important feature is internationalization. This simply means having the feature to automatically translate into the language that's used in the country where the quiz-taker is from. This is vital because there is a significant number of people who are from a country that doesn't speak English as their main language. The coverage of internet marketing is worldwide, so this is very important to keep in mind.

One feature that may seem trivial is the ability to randomize the arrangement of options or answers every instance the test is taken. While it may sound like a useless feature for a website visitor, it is a powerful tool for the website owner. This creates a dynamic quiz that visitors can take repeatedly while not getting the feeling of being bored. It's also great if shared among friends because instead of simply sharing the letter of their options, they mention the answers themselves which may encourage discussion. In terms of reeling in traffic, every little bit of advantages such as this count.

One feature that should never be overlooked is the user-friendliness of the interface of the quiz builder. Some might provide an unintuitive interface that making quizzes would feel exhausting. Check out the controls and assess if the standard placement of tools are found here. Quiz plugins are meant to provide ease of use for fast implementation of ideas for different quizzes. Check out the top quiz builders and try creating short quizzes just to test how they work. To avoid the hassle of doing so however, find out what other users are saying by reading up on reviews. Find message boards concerning these plugins and click here to learn more.

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