In love with converting cars with new Led headlight kits


I love to watch my dad converting his vehicles even when i was a little girl, and now i am a grown-up, So i am now officially in love with modifying my own vehicles or others, especially modify with Led headlight kits. It makes me so happy in my daily normal life.

In other to share all my modify experience with all you guys, i open this website. And i would really happy if you guys enjoy this and share your own experience of modifying your car with me.

"Turning night into day" is thrown around a lot, but this LED headlight kits does they. I live out with more pigs, loose cows and animals than cars. But, I'm very, very careful to not blind somebody, cause this Led headlight kits is extremely bright from close in out to maximum covered distance, no shadows our porky covered areas. Lens system works perfectly, great design for all the time: the price, quality, customer service are all great.

The mounting collar on the h3 LED headlight bulbs comes off easily by twisting it. Separate all the parts and re-install the original headlight bulb retainer between the heat sink of the h3 LED headlight bulb, and the mounting collar.

When you have the original mounting adapter installed between the heat sink and the h3 LED headlight bulb collar, then you can install everything like the factory bulb was installed.

Next time i am going to share my experience of mounting h16 Led headlight kits for my Jeep. Stay tune.

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