Incredible Beauty of the Greek Islands

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Islands have a fascination and exert a seductive pull for tourists. If you are one of such individuals who want to take the aesthetic pleasure of nature, Greece should be your next destination. This land is a galaxy of 6000 eye-catching islands and islets, most of them scattered in the Aegean Sea. 

Basking under the beach umbrella, and digging your toes into the hot sand shall give endless joy. Vibrant trim and twist maze of houses have their beauty. A significant number of tourists visit the exotic islands, that’s why Greek has become world’s top travel destination.

Check out the list of the best Greek Islands to make the most of your travel experience.


Santorini Island has some unique feature such as its active volcano, unbelievable sunsets, grand houses, and stunning views. These features take it out of the crowd of other islands. Fira, the capital of Santorini, is a masterpiece of architecture. Tourists find every addition like hotels offering delicious foods, taverns, cafes and shops at Santorini. Visitors can ride on the cable car up from the port if they travel via sea route.


Milos offers the diversity of wonderful beaches. The cluster of 80 islands consists of white sand, rocks, and black. Sarakiniko Island gives the impression of otherworldly. Its glittering white pumice resembles it to the moon. The multicolor pebbles of the Paliochori and its warm water have their magnetism.


The picturesque beauty of the Greek town makes it the cosmopolitan destination. The addition of spectacular beaches enhances the worth of Mykonos. Crystal waters and golden sand are two characteristics of these islands. 

The southern coast has some of the best beaches where tourists find seaside accommodation, beach bars, water sports centers, and restaurants. In peak season, Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are overcrowded. Celebrities love spending time at this beautiful place of the world.


Crete, located on the southern side of Aegean Sea, is the largest Greek island. It contains in its womb the beautiful sights and vibrant culture for tourists. Crete holidays give you the precious moments to admire. 

Additions like the verity of nightclubs, restaurants, shops, nature and accommodation have their role in giving you peace of mind. You can do a lot of fun package activities like horse riding, swimming, mounting climbing, and hiking. Here, you find the archeological places like Knossos Palace constructed in the Age of Minoan civilization.


Corfu, located on the northern side of the Ionian Sea, is one of most favorite Greek Island. It has distant celebrated past because Venetian, French, and British used to live here. 

That’s why it was first to open for tourism. Superb weather, sparkling sea, historical heritage, and rich culture intoxicate the visitors. The different attractions are calling tourists who love the beauty.


Do you want an action-packed holiday? Agree! Rhodes is your place. The scenic mountains, breathtaking valleys, long series of golden beaches, diverse cultures, and archeological sites are the distinguishing features of the island. 

When you are on the Rhodes Island, you can visit the nearby islands including Kastellorizo, Halki, Symi, and Tilos. Walk with your friends on the islands to discover the remarkable beauty of nature.

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