Buckle Up For The Ultimate Roadtrip: India-Thailand Highway is Now Operational


Photo of Buckle Up For The Ultimate Roadtrip: India-Thailand Highway is Now Operational 1/1 by Gunjan Upreti

What started in 2012 by governments of three nations is nearing completion now.

The Myawaddy-Thinggan Nyenaung-Kawkareik section of the Asia Highway, that links India and Thailand is now operational.

Stop rubbing your eyes in disbelief because this piece of information is 100% authentic.

The road's construction began in 2012 which runs from Moreh in India to Thailand's Maesot via Myanmar's Tamu, Mandalay and Myawaddy along with sharing the border with Myanmar.

With the 25.6-km-long section becoming operational, driving to Thailand is a possibility now and because of this route the travel time between Thinggan Nyenaung and Kawkareik will be reduced from three hours to just 45 minutes.

It is an important component in Indian government’s plan to ramp up its “Look East” policy to the newly coined “Act East” policy. “The India-Myanmar-Thailand road link has been designed to bridge emerging economies in the Asean and Saarc regions. The pact is scheduled to become operational shortly and to mark the occasion a car rally would be held before March 2016”, said a government official.

Do you still want to know where to go on your next road trip? *Wink*

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Hi Gunjan! I have been following almost all of your articles for this site and I must say this is certainly not among the better ones also. If you just meant an introduction of the india Thailand highway then its good but it this is a whole account then it has to be better.
Mon 01 11 16, 06:22 · Reply · Report
I strongly feel that this article could have been so much better. This is also a misconception and misguidance at parts. The india Thailand highway is not ready to open but it will open next year and it is not really such a smooth ride like you have mentioned here.
Mon 01 11 16, 01:31 · Reply · Report
Well I do not really feel this route is really the way you have written about it. It seems here hat all about the road is all rosy but it is actually not so Gunjan. It is like misguiding readers. There are a lot of formalities and security issues you have to go through before crossing the borders along the india Thailand highway and they also need visas for the people as well as the special ones for the car.
Mon 01 11 16, 00:44 · Reply · Report
Hi! It was nice to know about his india Thailand highway because i had not much idea about this one. Well, I also feel you could have attached a few more pictures to this article. I think pictures can be the best way to impart in people the real experience and message as they speak the best.
Mon 01 11 16, 00:12 · Reply · Report
Hey! Good to see you with one more write- up. I am a traveller and photographer by passion and profession respectively. I would love to know a few more details about this india Thailand highway because the way you have talked about it makes me feel like setting off for a road trip.
Sun 01 10 16, 21:22 · Reply · Report
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