India's Oldest China Town in Kolkata


Tiretta Bazaar(China Town) is a neighbourhood in the eastern part of the city of Kolkata. The traditional occupation of the Chinese Indian community in Kolkata had been working in the nearby tanning industry as well as in Chinese restaurants. The area is still noted for the Chinese restaurants where many people flock to taste traditional Chinese and Indian Chinese cuisine.

Dimsums and momos are always the most sort after items. Spring rolls and pork sausages are not far behind. Pau, the ball shaped oversized dumpling, which comes with all sorts of pork, chicken, and fish filling is definitely on the must have list.

The food is cooked in home style following the authentic Chinese recipe and are served with homely warmth. The place has a laid back attitude, with elderly Chinese reading the Chinese newspaper and sipping on cups of green tea and women talking about the latest gossip in Chinatown.

In the recent years the Chinese Breakfast has become extremely popular but sadly popularity has its ill effects too. Many have the age old Chinese stall have stop selling pork items and ingredients and recopies have been modified to meet the requirement of Indian, Even stall selling puri – bhajis and other standard Indian breakfast items have also sprung up.

Must-try Traditional Chinese Restaurants in China Town of Kolkata


Kim Ling

Golden Joy

Big Boss

Fung Fa


They celebrate Chinese new year with dragon dance and many more.

Photo of India's Oldest China Town in Kolkata 1/3 by Tea & Talk with Shree
Photo of India's Oldest China Town in Kolkata 2/3 by Tea & Talk with Shree
Photo of India's Oldest China Town in Kolkata 3/3 by Tea & Talk with Shree
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