India Trekking: 3 Best Hiking Trails

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India holds many glorious landscapes offering hiking experiences suitable for any new adventurer to the seasoned trekking expert. The country not only houses the world’s most famous mountain range, called the Himalayas, but also numerous trekking trails across tropical rainforests, hills and valleys.

There are trekking trails located in the north and around the Himalayas such as Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Further south, one shall find the palm trees lined up with the sandy beaches and the tropical region of Kerala can’t afford to be missed too.

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1. Uttarakhand: One can trek the valley of flowers, Kedarkantha Summit and Roopkund. These hiking trails houses many secrets and mysteries of nature. Rejoice in green covered hills, crystal clear lakes, snow-capped peaks and flower filled gardens while on the hiking expedition. If you are a photography addict, this journey will give you innumerable opportunities to click amazing photos.

2. Chadar, Ladakh: The Chadar trek (Zanskar Trek), is a notable experience to indulge in the ranges of Himalayas. This trek happens over the frozen River called Zanskar that forms a thick sheet of ice during the winters. Make your path over this sheet of ice and manoeuvre the narrow ridges.

3. Chembra Peak, Kerala: The Chembra is located in Wayanad known as the tallest peak in Kerala. Serenity prevails in every corner of the peak’s grassy green meadows, and delivers a soothing source of silence especially while you’re taking a small break by the side of heart-shaped lake.

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