India's Highest 'Direct' Waterfall

1st Jun 2021

It was just another weekend. My head was heavy after long hours of coding and study. Not to mention the rising temperature. Hence, I was looking for a soothing place. Have a look where I went:

At 312 feet, it is India's highest direct waterfall situated in Chakrata, Uttarakhand. It is about 100 km from ISBT, Dehradun.

I just sat there and listened to the natural music. There were very very few people due to both lockdown and remote place. It was so beautiful that I sat there for about 40 minutes.

After feeling completely relaxed, butterflies within were asking me to go inside.

It was so soothing and damn cold too. It just gave me goosebumps literally. As soon as I entered, I felt rejuvenated. However, I came out as it was very cold. After some more time, I again entered and then remained there for a while.

The water falls into a small pond which is beautiful and breath taking. You can take a dip in this pond and spend as much as time as you want. Let the water soothe your nerves.

After recording some videos and spending some quality time, it was time for some food. What can beat Maggie, in front of such a view. So, I straightaway ordered 2 bowls of vegetable maggie.

That was it. A good end to the weekend. But as as I was leaving, I didn't wanted to leave. I wanted to stay here forever. Perhaps some day, I will be able to build a home or hotel in the mountains.

Photo of India's Highest 'Direct' Waterfall by MUKUL TYAGI