Interesting Facts about Your Favorite City Durgapur


Durgapur is very commonly referred to as the Steel City of West Bengal. This industrial township, which enjoys a very lucrative location with its district being Bardhman and its proximity to Kolkata, has always witnessed development in all aspects. There are numerous places to visit in Durgapur, some of which include the Deul Park, Durgapur Barrage, Durgapur Steel Plant, Ram Mandir and so on. The Junction Mall, which has played a significant role in urbanizing the place, is also worth a visit whenever you find yourself in Durgapur. It is for this mall that you have some of the best fine dining restaurants, hangout areas, branded stores and multiplex in Durgapur. However, there are several interesting facts and information about this place, which indicates to the myriad shades of culture, religion and lifestyle of the place. So, here you go.

Durgapur is a hub for both education as well as healthcare facilities. It is home to several world-class hospitals and engineering colleges. The historical heritage of the place is enriching too as it has witnessed extracts of the remains of pre-historic civilizations dating back to as far as 5000 BC.

It is a known fact that Durgapur is the largest industrial city in Eastern India. In fact, it is probably the only steel plant or industrial township in India that has been visited by the British Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1961. This visit itself has put Durgapur on the world map with people all over recognizing this city as one of the fastest developing ones in the country.

However, what most people are unaware of is the fact that it is also one of most planned cities of India, second to Chandigarh. The dream child of Dr. B.C Roy, Durgapur was designed and planned by renowned American architects.

Durgapur is an ideal place for literature lovers out there. Since decades back, it has been home to some great libraries, the oldest being the British Council Library. The other prominent libraries include the ESI Library and the Subodh Library that played a pivotal role in reviving the literary culture of Bengal.

Quite interestingly, Durgapur is one of those rare cities that has the Asian Highway passing through it and connecting major Asian countries. The highway connects Japan to Turkey via China, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and Afganistan.

The list of such amazing things about Durgapur will go on. The planned infrastructure, the important landmarks and the cultural heritage of the place come together to welcome you in a warm way. So, when are you planning your next visit to Durgapur?

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