Interesting Facts and Safety Tips for Airplane Turbulence

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Airplane turbulence is not a new term, but we nevertheless still have limited knowledge regarding it. Pilots and other flight staff know about it, but travelers are often found to be ill-informed. So, what is turbulence? It can be described as a phenomenon that is unavoidable in some cases. For your convenience, here is a guide to help you understand Plane Turbulence:

What Is Turbulence?

It is important to know the technical definition of turbulence to understand it clearly. It happens when the plane flies through waves of air. These waves can be caused by temperature, pressure, or even other planes flying in that area. The situation can be compared with a ship or boat sailing on rough water. During a thunderstorm, ships or boats face many difficulties in progressing. Often they lose their original direction or journey or path. The same thing happens with airplanes. Under different circumstances, different kinds of turbulence can be caused. However, with a plane, it is very easy and quick to fly around a thunderstorm, while it can take much more time for a boat to sail around one.

Different Types of Turbulence

According to various Turbulence Reports, the majority of frequent airplane passengers have experienced turbulence numerous times. Indeed, it can feel threatening to face such issues. The experience is extremely discomforting, especially when the plane is shaken abruptly. Here is a guide to a few common types of turbulences:

  • Light Turbulence: This is caused when air waves have lesser intensity.
  • Light Chop: In this case, mild bumpiness is experienced by the passengers.
  • Moderate Chop: Here, moderate turbulence is experienced, causing serious bumpiness inside the airplane.
  • Severe Turbulence: As the name suggests, this is the most dangerous form of turbulence. Severe turbulence occurs due to bad weather conditions. The Flight Forecast has to be checked to avoid such a phenomenon. After analyzing forecasts, experts often suggest flight time delays in such cases.

Air turbulence can also be faced in clear weather conditions.

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