Internet Television - A Revolution

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At the dawn of the internet, companies were met with new opportunities that have been unlike any before its time. The internet was a fresh frontier of possibility. All of the sudden, if a small business didn't have a  they certainly were considered untrustworthy or obsolete.

Today, "Web 2.0" is changing the way in which we work and play on the internet. The internet is not only a wealth of information, but a virtual place to view SOPlay, play game titles, and have audio communications for dirt cheap. Web applications function like our operating-system desktops where we are able to move pictures, shoot space aliens, and video chat.

This revolution has spawned a fresh breed of television: internet television. It's already here, and it's going to get even better. Subscription-based television programming like satellite and cable will be something of the past. Once internet speeds reach sufficient velocities, high-definition on our flat screens will come from our wifi, not our billfold. Expect television to be solely supported via an advertising model that won't require money out of pocket.

Younger generations already are experiencing this revolution to a degree. On a huge scale the tech generation is choosing internet television over pricy satellite or cable subscriptions. The downfall of expensive television programming is at hand.

This really is an exciting prospect. Imagine paying little to nothing for actual television over the internet service you already subscribe to. This really is coming, and in many ways it's already here. However, for there to be always a full acceptance of the model of watching television, high-definition content will probably need to be seamless over the internet which remains to be seen.

Get ready for a fresh approach to entertainment. It's just begging to happen.

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