Is it possible to apply for a visa of a country while you are not in your home country?


Traveling is a necessity in life. Some intend to travel for business purposes while some travel for an educational purpose. And, then there are some who travel just for the sake of their inner calling. In all the above cases, you arrive at a situation where you may apply for a visa of a country. But, the problem is that you are not in your home country. Is it possible to apply for an online visa from another country? Let us discuss the possibilities.

1st Possibility – You cannot apply for visa in another country if you are just traveling

Most of the countries in the world have a straight provision. You cannot apply for a visa if you are not in your home country. If you wish to obtain a visa for a country, you have to come back to your home country and apply for the visa at the concerned embassy.

This is due to the stringent norms of the countries. These norms and regulations are valid for the sake of security and infiltration issues. When you are traveling, you cannot produce valid documents to satisfy the visa policies. Therefore, the possibility is that you will be denied a visa.

This provision is generally applicable for the citizens of almost all the countries. And, visa for Indian citizens is not an exception.

The reason behind the rejection is traveling. When you are just traveling for tourism purpose, it is difficult to obtain a visa from that country. But, you can get a visa if the situation is different.

2nd Possibility – You can apply for a visa from another country

If you are traveling to another country for purposes other than tourism, you can apply for a visa for some other country from the current residing country.

If you have obtained a residency permit in the current residing country, you are eligible to apply for a visa for most of the countries. You have to submit concerned documents to validate your situation. For example, in most of the cases, you require NOC certificate from the embassy of your home country.

If you are living in a country for the educational purpose or work purpose, you are eligible to apply for a visa for another country while you are in the residing country.

If you are staying with your spouse in a country, you can apply for a visa for another country. In this case, you have to submit valid documents relevant to this situation.

If you are seeking a visa from an African country, there is a possibility that you should provide yellow fever vaccination proof as well. This is an additional requirement if you are residing in countries that have a potential of communicating yellow fever disease.

There is a possibility of availing online visa for Indian citizens when you are not in your home country. But, you have to satisfy the conditions listed above. You can apply for a visa via online application or by visiting the country embassy or office of consulate general.

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