Island holidays that are nothing less than a fantasy


Island holidays are very amusing to most of the tourists. Some spend a fortune in some far-off island locations which will be beautiful but artificial. For Indians, the Best Andaman and Nicobar tour packages are the best island holidays which cost much lesser and are naturally beautiful. The Andaman Islands are Indian Union Territories and hence all Indian citizens can visit them just like they visit any other Indian state. These islands are blessed with lush tropical forests, white sandy beaches with the turquoise blue sea, beautiful mountains, valleys and waterfalls. They have a long history of being ruled by many kingdoms and hence has many historical monuments also which attract many tourists. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of around 575 islands, islets and rocks spread over the Bay of Bengal around 700 kilometers from Kolkata and Chennai. A majority of the island’s residents has relocated from many Indian states and hence they speak Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu or Punjabi other than the native Nicobarese language. Only 36 of these islands are inhabited and hence, the population is very less. The island’s authorities are promoting Andaman tourism packages such that fewer people with more spending capacity visit the islands which will improve the economy of the island while the ecology will stay intact. The Andaman Islands are popular tourist locations for family holidays as well as honeymoon holidays. These islands are eco-friendly since they are now much populated and does not get crowded by the tourists. Many ancient tribes settle in the dense tropical forests of these islands some of whom are still living a mysterious life far away from the civilized population. The Nicobar Islands have some protected tribes who are believed to be the most ancient tribes. Hence, entry to these islands is restricted so that they are not disturbed by the so-called civilized world.

A tour of the Andaman Islands usually consists of the beaches, mountains, forests, caves, parks, waterfalls and various adventure activities in these places. Typically, the New Andaman tourist packages consist of a tour of Port Blair which is the capital of the Andaman Islands, Havelock Islands, Neil Islands, Smith and Ross islands, Long Island, Diglipur and Baratang Islands. There are many more remote islands in the Andamans that are beautiful and are visited by many tourists frequently. Some people even take a boat of dhingi from Port Blair to some of these islands and camp there for a couple of days to explore the island or to enjoy the privacy. The tropical forests of these islands are home to rare and precious flora and fauna found only in these islands far away from the mainland. Andaman tourism packages take the tourists on boat rides to many of these islands on a regular basis so that they can enjoy the nature at its best. Water sports and exciting activities are conducted by the event or tour managers on the island which can be enjoyed by those who love adventure. The crystal clear water of the beaches attract many tourists to engage in various activities or to just relax and enjoy the tranquil beaches.

Port Blair is one the main cities in the Andaman Islands. Port Blair has the airport and maximum amenities for the tourists like tourist information and medical facilities. There’s enough to see in this city that Port Blair holiday packages are also very popular among the tourists. Those who cannot afford longer holidays in the islands usually opt for Cheap Port Blair tour/holiday packages. Port Blair has 5 important museums which showcase the history, life, marine resources, science and tribal life of the Andaman Islands. The Aberdeen Bazaar here is a popular place for buying clothes, spices and native handicrafts and also has some amazing restaurants. There are agricultural and spice farms in Port Blair that supply fresh produce to the locals. Madhuban in Port Blair is a tropical forest where tourists can enjoy a 16-kilometer trek to Mount Harriet. The view from atop Mount Harriet is stunning and many tourists feel that the trek was worth the effort because of the panoramic view. The Mahatma Gandhi National Park is a few minutes boat ride from Port Blair which is another tourist attraction here. The Cellular Jail, which is an inevitable part of Andaman tour packages is in Port Blair. It is a reminder of the atrocities faced by the Indian Freedom fighters who were confined here by the British during our freedom struggle. Tourists can visit the beautiful beaches in Port Blair which offers many water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and sea walk. A boat ride to Cinque Island from here takes the tourists to sea walk which is an amazing experience where they get to dive deep into the seabed and explore the vivid coral reefs and the aquatic flora and fauna. This is probably the biggest highlight of the Andaman holidays.

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