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Isle of Wight and Carisbrooke Castle: Castles and water, what more does a girl need?
Duration: 1 Day

A merry ride atop a ferry took us to Isle of Wight on a sunny English afternoon. Located in the English Channel, Isle of Wight is the largest and second most populous island in England. Once you get down from the ferry, you could reach the isle by foot or a rope way, if you want to be on the adventurous side. There are restaurants to satisfy your tummy cravings after a long day and fun activities to indulge in, if you're travelling with children and they're getting impatient. We continued our journey to Carisbrooke Castle, a historic motte-and-bailey castle located in the village of Carisbrooke, near Newport, Isle of Wight. The castle is now the centre for Carisbrooke Castle Museum, an accredited local history museum run by an independent charitable trust. The museum holds numerous royal artifacts, clothing and other items. If you love unconventional castles, then this is the place to be :)

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