Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] 

21st Mar 2016
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Day 1

We are a gang of four.. Me, Shiva,Deepti and Anil. When we were traveling to Gandikota, accidentally we planned to do Bungee jumping in Rishikesh. We got a plan and we got a place and everything started to set in place. Coffee day meetings and discount bookings and after all these date was set. It's 23rd March.

Plan was to goto Rishikesh and do Bungee and join our group for Kedarnath trek but traveller in us was not satisfied.

So after some long long discussions final plan was this

21st March : Start from Hyderabad to Agra

22nd : Roam Agra and leave to


23rd: Reach Rishikesh and do Bungee

24th: 26km Rafting in Ganges(isn't it quite thrilling)

So we were all set for our plan and finally on March 21st early morning we boarded train to Agra. It was a journey of 24 hours nearly but group made it quite enjoyable. TV series in Laptop, time pass discussions and all.

Day 2

We reached Agra at 5.30AM and we were totally excited to visit The Tajmahal during sunrise. We freshened up in railway station and reached Taj Mahal at 6.30AM. If you want to enjoy the beauty of TajMahal most choose West gate. So we entered the gate at 7AM and I must say it's one of the best view I have ever seen. Sun rising and the rays are falling on white marbles.

We started working on our cameras and nearly I clicked 300 pics there. We had to literally drag Deepti from there(She is the photo queen of our group :p) We were roaming and clicking till 9AM, then our tummy's started calling with loud speaker, Aloo paratha and Roti Curry saved us.

From there we started to Agra fort. One of the must visit places in Agra, a large area to roam and click photographs. From here you will get a distance view of Taj. We were so busy in roaming there we forgot our timeline. We left from there at 12.30pm and reached station by 1pm. Our train arrival was at 1.30pm but thanks to Indian railways, train was arrived at 3pm which ruined some of our plan in Delhi :(.

We boarded the train at 3pm and reached New Delhi at 6pm. Our next train to Haridwar as at 9pm. So we made a quick plan to visit India gate. Deepti and Shiva went chandini chowk for shopping and me and Anil went to India gate. I must say, if you know the purpose of India gate you will feel goose bumps, it's for our Indian soldiers. It's a good place to spend some time. We roamed till 7.30 there and reached station at 8.30.

Now the funny part, we were waiting for our train and we were involved in some discussion. We didn't noticed that train was at same platform where we were standing( because the announcement was worse) , so exactly before two minutes of train departure we got into train :p, we were really tired and we slept as soon as we got into the train.

Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Day 3

So this is the big day. We reached Haridwar at 5am, a place full of divinity and calm.

We got freshned up and started to Rishikesh. It was one hour journey and the journey is breathtaking through ghats and valleys. We reached Jumping Heights office(host of bungee jump) at 7AM, we had a quick breakfast and started to bungee point at 7.45am. it's 20km from Rishikesh and it took nearly one hour to reach there. We were dropped at bungee point, now it's time for some classes(Do's and dont do's). We were the first batch reached there.

We were set and our numbers were 4,5,6,7.

So we reached the jumping point. There are different ropes for different weights. So order was





Instructor know how to deal when new people come for Bungee, so he was cheering and boosting. Shiva was very eager to do the jump and 3.......2......1..... Bungee, he jumped whooooooo whoooooo

When ever we see someone doing adventure it feels thrilling but when it's our turn fear is mixed up with thrilling.

Now it's Anil turn, once he saw Shiva jumping his adrenaline pumped up and he was totally concentrated in the jump.... 3...2...1....Bungeee

Shiva and Anil waiting for us to jump.

It's Deepti turn now, but one couple wanted to do Giant Swing, so they changed the rope and it's same as my rope. So as they completed their jump, my jump was promoted and Deepti was last to Jump.

Now I am afraid of heights a lot and now I have to jump 83mts. down. It was thrilling but also frightening. But I thought it's now or never. Rope was tied to my feet, went till the edge, waited for instructor voice....

3.....2.....1..... Bungee

I jumped, yes I jumped, the gushing of air, spinning head and the swing, now I understand why people add Bungee to their bucket list.

Now it's Deepti turn. She was totally excited but when she came to the edge, she looked down and fear occupied her mind. But she is not person who let's it go, she waited for 5 minutes and 3.....2....1..... Bungeeee

She jumped and hatsoff to her guts.

We came back to bungee point and now it's Flying Fox turn. (zip lining for 1km), it was great but bungee was totally occupied in our heads.

Now it's time for some rest, we already booked camping at rendezvous , we reached camping site at 1pm. A small water flow was near to camping site and forest on the other side. In the evening, we went for a trek to nearest waterfalls and it's a great place. I clicked pics for almost an hour there. We reached back to camp at 7 and had dinner. Rest for the day...

At Haridwar

Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy


Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy

During the jump :p

Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Day 4

It's our final day of the trip, we got ready and had breakfast. From camp site, we now started to the rafting point. There are three points 32km,26km and 16km. We chose 16km. It was first time rafting for all, the risky and adventurous part goes to the person who sits at front of the raft. We got in to the raft, water is freezing. We started our rafting.

There were around 7 major rapids(grade3 and 4), splashing of water on your faces, shaking raft, loosing grip from the raft.....

we completed our rafting in two hours. Rafting in Ganges completes only after Cliff jumping, 30ft. Height.

We all reached top of cliff and many people will loom down before they jump and backs off, I also faced the same for first time but after that I jumped. Deep into water. We checked in at our hotel in Rishikesh and spent the rest of the day roaming in Rishikesh

Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Photo of Bungee Jumping from 83 meters -Jumping Heights[Rishikesh] by Babu Reddy
Day 5

We joined our team for our more adventurous Kedarnath trek.

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Nice :)
Tue 11 15 16, 10:25 · Reply · Report
whooooooaaaaaoooooo......... :) What an awesome time to recollect those memories. When u hv an awesome gang with u your trip gets even more exiting. Anil, Deepthi n Babu all together we had great fun and thrilling experiences. All credit goes to Babu for planning all the thing throughout the trip. We were only spectators n part of the discussion but everything was planned by babu n we enjoyed it.... Bungee..... Ahhhhh... what a thrilling experiance it was. No matter how much the instructor encourages you finally it's you who need to have that guts to jump. Yes me and my friends have that guts so we did it. I was all set and was at the edge to experience one of the most thrilling experience ever. I was the first one among four of us to jump and never looked back. Was waiting for this moment since many years. Once on the edge my mind was blank and my entire body was numb and there it goes.... I jumped that's it. The moment I jumped, I was not having any sense of my body it was completely paralyzed. The moment the rope reached it's full length it gave me a jerk n I was back into this world...:) What an amazing experience it was.... All my friends were as exited as me and their zeal to do Bungee was so strong that they had no second thought n just did it..... Rafting.... After rafting, I was waiting for all the adventurous activities lined up for us. We had an awesome time at the camp out with a small forest trek "followed by India vs England T20 match. Now it's all set for river rafting. I never knew what rafting was and how would it be hence was all pumped up and ready for the ride. We were all dressed up and set for the raft. Instructions were provided to us . Here we go wow...... it was awesome with all those rapids in between and you can't express the feeling when u hit a rapid n the water force hits back on you ohhhhhhh.... it's amazing. Finally now it's 30ft jump into the water. The moment I reached the top of the rock first I slipped then got up and 1...2....3 jump.... my body got slammed into water and I went deeper. Once I came out of water for breathe everything was blurr for a moment n am back.....:) Kedarnath... Finally we all were set for the main trip and tht's all together a different story. Trekking in snow, on the ice, in the rain etc... it's a one time experience which I feel everyone should experience once. All credit goes to NIM who have supported us all through the trekk.... Finally a big thank you to Babu who planned it so well and made the trip the biggest memory of my life. Thanks to deepthi m anil for joining us on the trip and we enjoyed a lot all together.......
Fri 10 21 16, 21:58 · Reply · Report