Italy Segway Tour Can be an Amusing and Memorable Experience for Tourists


Segways are one of the most sought-after rides in Italy. A tour on a Segway is a great choice for teenagers, families, and anyone who is willing to travel to the most beautiful cities in the country. Roaming around on two wheels can be an enjoyable, safe and memorable experience for them. Moreover, your kids can have a fun time on an Italy segway tour as they will not be stuck inside a bus, car or other modes of transport while traveling. The guides who will accompany you during the Segway tour are cheerful and insightful. They make the expedition way more interesting as you will get to know about some of the world’s most amazing places on your journey.

Photo of Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy by Edwin

Here is certain information about Segway tours in Florence and Rome, two grand cities of Italy:


When you decide to travel on a Segway to Florence, you can choose between either a day or night tour. During daytime, you will be taken to each and every location of Florence which you must visit. The splendid Dome of Brunelleschi, Uffizi Gallery, and the contemporary Piazza Della Republic Square are some of the most well-known sights. Santa Croce is a distinct place to visit as it houses tombs of preeminent personalities like Michelangelo and Galileo. During the night, you will witness the series of bridges like Ponte Vecchio by moving smoothly over to the Arno River. Right from Republic Square to Strozzi palace to Dome of Florence, you can look forward to dropping into the finest places in Florence on Segway.

Photo of St. Peter's Square, Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City by Edwin


Like Florence, you will get 2 options, which are an Ancient Rome tour and a Baroque Rome night tour. An Italy Segway tour is incomplete without visiting Rome as it is the capital of the country. If you want to make the most of your Rome visit in an enthralling way without walking, the Ancient tour is the most convenient. While taking a tour on a Segway, you will ride from the Circus Maximus to Santa Maria’s Church, Colosseum to the Imperial Forums, the wall sculptures of Bocca Della Verita and many other places. Visit the historic locations, rose gardens and mesmerizing glimpse over Rome are the focal points of the ancient tour. While on the Baroque night tour in Rome, you can explore Rome in dark hours by riding from the Forum of Trajan, via Venice Square heading towards the Pantheon. Then you will get to visit the popular Navona Square and exquisite Temple of Hadrian. Segways will glide along small Roman allies, via the Parliament building to the astonishing Spanish Steps. The last place you are going to visit in Rome on your Segway tour is the glorious Trevi Fountain bringing an ideal end to your journey.

So, if you are about to visit Italy and wish to turn up to the most acclaimed sights, go for an Italy Segway tour. On the tour, you can have tremendous fun with your friends and families. The amiable tour guides will instruct you well on how to ride the Segway and render detailed information about the places you visit during the trip.