It's always about the first travel journey

Photo of It's always about the first travel journey by Mehak Arora
Day 1

Every traveller has one special story, but there’s always the first story that is special to him. Mine was when I was 17. I had just passed my high school and couldn’t wait for a trip which my parents wouldn’t agree to so one day I get a call from my cousin telling me that she is going on a trek next week and asks me if I want to join or not. I am overwhelmed she even convinces my parents and all I know is that after one week I am sitting in a local bus from Delhi to Himachal. So she lives in a hostel in Himachal and I am accompanied by my other cousin we talk for hours and later she joins us. Then she introduces me to her friend who was also our travel guide. So before we reach our hotel we go to see a waterfall that is on our way and then we reach our homestay. We rest for a while and then I was ready for the most beautiful night of my life. We are sitting under the stars with our group of 18 people who are old. There was no match between the age groups my brother and I were the youngest. We were sitting for a bonfire with drinks and people are addressing their life stories everyone has a different story. That was the longest night ever meeting all those strangers and turning into such good friends was a different feeling. So there only I met a person who was a photographer and had just started photography and I think that’s the place from where my photography inspiration came from. The next day it was around 6 in the morning Jony (travel guide), my cousins and Abhishek (the photographer) we all had left for a small exploration in front of our homestay it was kind of a small trek we addressed another waterfall and a river passage that was extremely difficult to cross. On the other side were trees with no sign of a single person, so we came back to the safe side after a few minutes. Then we left for our major trek that was to Prashar Lake. I remember Jony and I even decided to race till the main point but I had no idea about the route and in my excitement I agreed this is kind of a funny story because only after an hour I was so exhausted with all the baggage and all I wanted was to rest. We stopped in between at a spot with our group and it was lovely. Even as grown-ups we still took a slide from the top of the mountain. I guess that’s the best part of travelling that you can do things that you don’t do otherwise. So it took almost three hours for us to reach that frozen lake hence the Prashar Lake. It’s beautiful and one cannot forget the sight of it. We sat there in silence it was so much peace and all of us felt like that we have won a victory or something. I think our hard work finally paid us with that amazing view. There was a temple near it and it was believed that any wish with pure intention will become true and I feel like somehow my wish also came true. When I returned home I was the same person from outside but there was a lot that I had learned from that particular trek. I guess that’s how life works we start a journey with an unexpected route face obstacles feels exhausted take a break but when we reach that final destination everything just becomes worth a shot.