Jaipur Diaries - Exploring the Pink City In A Day 

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Rajasthan has its own ways to enchant you..Elaborately carved out forts and palaces on the hill tops, the elegant touch of royalty, the cultural extravagance and the Desert Safari!!! I am at the Pink City, Jaipur - where both hills and deserts amalgamate and where history and heritage speak of themselves more than anyone else. Let them do the talking - while you enjoy the ride.

Check In at the Radoli House - Jaipur

Photo of Jaipur Diaries - Exploring the Pink City In A Day  2/3 by Rajat Chakraborty
Photo of Jaipur Diaries - Exploring the Pink City In A Day  3/3 by Rajat Chakraborty

Located in a quaint corner of the Jaipur city, Radoli House takes you on a nostalgic journey to the royal past. A Rajasthani styled bungalow converted into a holiday home, Radoli House has carefully implemented the finer elements of a Rajwada culture. An armoury collection on the walls, intricately designed drapery and furniture, rich colour & designs on the floors and ceilings, you will suddenly feel elevated to the monarchial style.

Head For Hawa Mahal

Photo of Radoli, Rajasthan, Hindistan by Rajat Chakraborty

If you are in Jaipur, you cannot miss on the most auspicious structures of the city - The Hawa Mahal. The Corinthian architecture is a manifestion of the artist's perseverance.Built for the royal ladies of those times, its 953 small windows in a honeycomb called the jharokhas, offer a bird's eye view of the city all around and depict Lord Krishna's crown, an epitome of human imagination.

Learn the Unknown Secrets of India at Sanjay Museum

One of the many reasons why I like traveling to a place is to find out and learn about their unspoken stories. Stories that often skip the surface and lie beneath the thickened layers of time. Sanjay museum is one of those where you want to be, to find out what Indian culture has rarely spoken to this date - a powerhouse of collectibles from the most ancient India.

Ride up the Amer Fort

So, you think only China had a Great Wall?

Photo of Hawa Mahal, Hawa Mahal Road, Badi Choupad, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Rajat Chakraborty

Surrounded by the picturesque hills of Aravali ranges on all sides, the Amer fort gets its natural barrier that is further reinforced with the fortress walls running along the hills making the fort almost impregnable, at least from the outside. History has it customary that no such forts were ever captured from outside but by the acts of the frugals within..Such ahs also been the fate of Amer. Afterall, even the Helen of Troy was impregnable, isn't it?

Enjoy the calm near 'Jal Mahal'

Photo of Amer Fort, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Rajat Chakraborty

The first time that I had seen Jal Mahal was when I was 10 years old. Not much seems to have changed since then, except for the faces visiting it. I had a vivid impression of this isolated palace as viewed from the top of Jaigarh Fort, and from far off, it looked charismatic. People might have all the historic reasons to call Jaipur a pink city, but I feel it is called so because of the pinkish hue of the sunsets that pierce through the surrounding hills and basks the palace and the lake waters in its light.

Watch a Movie at the Classical Theatres - Raj Mandir

Photo of Jal Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Rajat Chakraborty

Last thing that anyone would do out of all the things to do travel lists is watch a movie in another city. Well, I too felt the same thing in the beginning, until I saw Raj Mandir on the way. With a reputation and size similar to that of the Maratha Mandir in Mumbai, the Raj Mandir theater is among the iconic classical theaters of the country, and instantly takes you back to the opulence of the classical era. Magestic chandeliers on the ceilings, carpeted walls and floors, the classical Dolby Theater System and a concave screen with a vertical rolling screen, it felt like a journey back to my childhood, when we enjoyed watching movies this way. I enjoyed watching Rangoon here that evening..

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