I planned a trip to Jaipur (Rajasthan), the first trip after my treatment got over. The feeling attached to this trip can't be described in words. Its been two months since my treatment, and this road trip made me to forget everything and helped me to regain my confidence. Beautiful, colourful, majestic, royal- words are less to describe this pink city.

The six hours journey from Delhi to Jaipur, black smart car, highway, 80 km/h, clear sky, shining sun, breakfast at a dhaba and our discussions - everything was awesome about this journey. We stayed at MI (Mirza Ismail) road, the heart of the city. It took us a while to find a good reasonable hotel and ultimately we stayed at Hotel Natraj. A decent elegant hotel with all the facilities and nice service, it was fun staying at this place. 

The city is known for its forts- Amer fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Albert Hall, Jal mahal.

Photo of JAIPUR- THE PINK CITY! 1/4 by Nancy Agarwal

Amer Fort

Photo of JAIPUR- THE PINK CITY! 2/4 by Nancy Agarwal

Hawa Mahal

As it was the festive season, Holi, the city was full of colours. We visited temples also to see the popularity of Lord Krishna at this festive season. People were clapping and singing bhajans in praise of Lord Krishna. The scene was divine. 

Photo of JAIPUR- THE PINK CITY! 3/4 by Nancy Agarwal

After getting down from auto for Albert Hall  (a museum having all the historical things) my friend stop at a Tapri (a small shop) to have jaljeera. The sight caught my attention. There was a small kid selling this awesome jaljeera and neembu paani (lemon water). He was working with full enthusiasm. He was too small that he had to stand on a stool. When asked, he told that he was in fifth standard.  Probably after school he must be coming to sell jaljeera there.The sight kept me pondering for a while and made me think that my life is so comfortable and easy.

Photo of JAIPUR- THE PINK CITY! 4/4 by Nancy Agarwal

It was a three days trip, a trip full of peace, fun and laughter. While returning back from Jaipur, we witnessed a peaceful sight. On one side the sun was setting and on the other side the full moon has started showing it presence. A thought flashed in my mind:

If in life sun is setting on one side, don't be afraid as somewhere on other side the moon has already started reflecting the light.  

It was indeed a memorable trip.

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