Jaisalmer - the golden Rajasthan.

3rd Jan 2015
Photo of by Mamta Taliwala
Photo of by Mamta Taliwala
Photo of by Mamta Taliwala
Photo of by Mamta Taliwala
Photo of by Mamta Taliwala

Jailasmer falls in the north of Rajasthan. It truly is the golden city, you will find sand everywhere. The houses are made of sand, the forts everything. 

I went to Jaisalmer in Jan 2015, I took a train from Bandra station. The journey is about 22 hours. During the first few months of the year, it gets really cold in Jaisalmer, so don't forget to carry your woollens. 
I stayed at a hostel, that I found on HostelBookers (app). You will find really cheap accommodation on it, they are as low as Rs.200 per night. They are absolutely safe and you will find a lot or foreigners staying with you. Apt for backpackers. Book a place facing the fort, the mornings are beautifu and the few is spectacular.
The places that you need to cover are Gadisar lake, Bada bhag, kuldhara village ,Sam sand dunes, the Jaisalmer Fort also known as the Golden Fort and the beautiful havelis here. 
Day 1: Make sure the accommodation is in the vicinity of the fort, Gadisar lake is very close to the Fort. There is also a nice evening in Jaisalmer where you can buy pretty Rajasthani things at reasonable prices. 
Day 2: All the hostels have packages for the Sam sand dunes and Kuldhara village. Do both on the same day. The trip will cost you Rs. 2000 and will include pick up and drop, food and camel ride with sunset view. They will also Take you to an abandoned village called Kuldhara, the place is a bit spooky but it surely is a great experience. All this followed by Dinner and evening entertainment program with Rajasthani Folk music and dance. This trip is amazing. 
Day 3: The next day, try roaming around and shopping, indulge in the Rajasthani cuisine. The restaurants serve authentic Marwadi food. 
Three day is more than enough to explore Jaisalmer. So plan accordingly.
There are other cities in Rajasthan that are worth visiting. Will upload the story soon!
Have a nice trip!