Biryani - Love or Lust? 5 must try Biryani places in Hyderabad. No, it's not Paradise.


There’s this old saying, throw a morsel of Biryani on the floor and if every grain is separate then it is considered perfect! I am certain no one would try this, all for the love for Biryani.

There are three kids of people vegetarians, Non- vegetarians and Biryanians. So,cwhich category do you fall under?

Let me guess, Biryanians??

There’s a certain criterion that you need to meet in order to call yourself a Biryanian. Consider yourself a part of the Biryanian Cult only after you’ve hogged the biryani from these top five restaurants.

Miya tum agar yaha se Biryani nahi khayai tho kya baigan khayai?

Are you ready for a stroll down Biryaniland? After all it’s the survival of the tastiest!

1.Shadab Hotel

A trip to Charminar is incomplete if you haven’t dined in here, it isn’t the best of dining experience because the ambience is old-fashioned. It started off as a small Irani café that is still intact and later incorporated a restaurant on the first floor for a quick dining experience. This place is always crowded for the Biryani or the Irani Chai.

Words would not do justice to describe the Biryani served here but I’ll give it a try. The flavors are seamless and consistently distributed all over the rice. There is not a single grain that we could call the ugly duckling. The meat is tender, flavorful and off the bone. The ratio of rice to meat is almost 65:35, which is perfect. There are no whole spices in the Biryani, which adds on to a subtle taste.

2. Jewel of Nizam

For people who are looking for both great food and royal dining then this is THE place for you. It’s a part of Golconda hotels and has two branches one at Masab tank and the other at the Golocanda resort. You would find talking walls, each wall tells a story about the golden era embellished with the pictures of the extravagant lifestyle of the Nawabs. The interiors are antique with chandler's brightening up the place. The cutlery is unique, dining in here would make you feel royal, so much of the king-like vibes around.

The Jewel of Nizam in Golconda resort is situated at the tower top giving you an overwhelming view of the city, gandipet Lake and the goloconda Fort. Now, isn't this taking your biryani experience to a whole new level on the fifth minar of Hyderabad.

Enough said, let's come back to our main agenda, the food. Everything in the menu is tinted by Royal flavors, be it the kebabs, gravies or our Biryani. The flavors are authentic and the meat is cooked to perfection. This is a perfect place for a date because if royalty were to be replaced by a word it would be “Jewel of Nizam”.

3. Shah Ghouse

Okay vegetarians hear me out loud and clear. Stay away unless you want someone to burst your Veggie bubble. It is disrespectful to ask for vegetarian food in a place that is widely know for it mutton biryani, paya, zabaan and chicken nahari. I “guess” the ‘pure veg food’ could be as delightful as well, too bad I never tried it.

There isn’t any wallet hence cars are parked on the road, if you are lucky you might get the front spot. The ambience is old fashioned, close to a typical middle class home back in the 90’s. The are were covered under transparent plastic tablecloth. We found that funny but who cares man? After all superman too wears his underwear over his pants. This isn’t a place for a grand dining, the air conditions weren’t switched on although they were up for display.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the food and the staff wasn’t too hospitable. However, the overall experience with service was good enough.

We can safely say that the food was doing the moonwalk on our palates. The flavors were not obvious and dominant like the few masaledaar biryanis but it was hitting you subtly (in a pleasant sense). The biryani rice is dry on top and the fleshy layer towards the bottom is moist and greasy. The best way to relish this dish would be to scoop the entire layer vertically and mix it to get the perfect blend of the biryani. The mutton was cooked tenderly to perfection and the quantity was more than sufficient. The raita and mirchi ka saalan wasn’t appealing in taste and appearance. The former was homogeneous and watery while the saalan wasn’t up to the mark.

It is a great deal for the quality and quantity of food, we reckon two people could easily have a stomach full meal.

We suggest you go in for ‘take away’ to enjoy this mouth-watering meal.

4. Café Bahar

This restaurant has been serving biryani since 30+ years and it is famous in the new city. This too was an Irani café that was later integrated with the restaurant. It offers scrumptious food and a great value of money. It was always swarming with people irrespective of the time or day.

The Biryani served here is mild and flavorsome with a gigantic piece of tender chicken, again cooked to perfection. The oil is homogeneous and there is a perfect balance of white rice and the masala rice. The best way to relish this is to get a Take Away. If you are lucky enough, you might find a funny man at the parcel counter screaming ek chikkan biryani aande uske ke baad doo mutton biryani aande bhe***d. LOL

5. Sarvi

“Sarvi” meaning tall and magnificent and it literally justifies its name. Located at Banjara Hills this place serves the best Biryani and Haleem in town. It was ranked the best by TOI food magazine.

The Biryani is delicious and it is more towards the drier side where each grain of rice stands apart (Great news for all the Health freaks out there!!). Not only the Biryani but the Seekh Kebab and Patthar ka Gosht are one of its kind. Do not miss out on the amazing Irani tea, biscuits and Burgers at the Sarvi Bakery.

Biryani isn't a food, it is a religion. Ask a hyderabadi.



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