Journey Towards A Traveller's Life! #SwipeRightToTravel

5th Jan 2017
Day 1

Travelling and meeting new people goes hand in hand. Unlike a planned itinerary for a trip, having encounters with new people is very spontaneous and completely unplanned. And that makes it so much more thrilling. If you've watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love you'd exactly know what I'm trying to say. Julia Roberts travels across the country and eventually finds a soul mate and also rediscovers herself. In this process she meets wonderful people and embarks on a completely different journey because of their stories. Forget Eat, Pray, Love! Closer to home we have the movie 'Queen' and 'English Vinglish' which are both amazing stories which tell us so much about making new friends on a new journey.

Sometimes these moments go unnoticed while we are travelling. But I must say, whenever I did travel, I've had strangers appear to me in form of angels and make my trip so convenient! I'd like to recall this particular incident when I went for a trip to South India (Bangalore, Coorg, Ooty). I happened to meet this guy at our accommodation and we instantly clicked (in a platonic way). We exchanged smiles and hellos for a few days at breakfast and whenever we crossed paths, since he was living at the same place as me. During the week he even asked me to accompany him and go sightseeing and the experience was truly beautiful. He has been to South India a couple of times, and knew all the amazing secret places that your tour guide may not really take you to. I know he was a total stranger, he could have been dangerous, but there was definitely something that drew me towards his lifestyle. He loved to travel a lot and the stories he told me inspired me to begin travelling too. And hence I'm always up for a vacation. I was definitely struck by his words, his stories, how every trip of his has helped him become what he is today. And it makes me so happy to know that I inspiref him to write a travel journal for himself and maybe someday turn it into a travel blog. This trip happened in 2012, and since then we're still in contact. He roams around and lives his life to the fullest. And yet continues to narrate his gypsy lifestyle to me. If I win this trip, he would be really glad to know that he has inspired me in so many ways and how I look at life differently now.

The serene waterfall in Ooty.

Photo of Journey Towards A Traveller's Life! #SwipeRightToTravel by Rachael Fernandes
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