Just Got Lucky: Rituals You Can Try to Have Luck at the Casino

17th Mar 2018

Just Got Lucky: Rituals You Can Try to Have Luck at the Casino

Because gambling at casinos such as Netbet. It is purely based on chance and luck, it is not surprising to see some people performing rituals and carrying lucky charms while playing. If you want to try some of the common and bizarre rituals done by players to gain winnings, read on and find the one that might work for you.

● Carrying Lucky Charms

Just like any normal charms for luck, you can try bringing one the next time you visit a casino. You can either put it in your pocket, wear, rub, or pet it before playing. A lucky coin, shamrock, horseshoe, rabbit’s foot, and four-leafed clover are some of the lucky charms you can try to bring.

● Doing Special Routines

For some gamblers, having their lucky charm is not enough. They perform special routines to attract more luck. You can perform your own ritual before the spinning of the roulette or the rolling of the dice. Some of these special rituals include:

1. bathing with herbal soap

2. kissing or blowing the dice

3. stacking the chips in a certain manner

4. knocking on wood

5. calling out a number or card verbally

● Going with A Partner

Having a breathing and talking lucky charm can be more fun since you have someone to share the excitement with. Usually, gorgeous women who can probably distract other players are seen side by side with a player.

● Departing from the Table

Although some players think that this can prevent them from winning, some feel that standing up, walking around, or looking away can bring luck.

● Praying

Indeed, casinos are becoming more and more popular. In fact, even religious people are starting to adapt the life of a casino player. They pray before and during a game. You might even hear someone praying out loud. Some bring a rosary or other items related to religion on casino tables and slot machines because these items can apparently bring fortune.

● Bringing Stuffed Animals

Aside from being a companion in bed, you can bring stuffed animals like teddy bears for good luck. Some gamblers even match the clothes of their teddy bears to the color of their favorite team.

In Las Vegas, there was a man seen playing with a huge stuffed teddy bear on his lap while he played with a slot machine. He even talked to it and used its paw to press the spin button.

● Reading the Horoscope

Some people check the horoscope to schedule their visit to a casino. Since horoscopes indicate which days are lucky for individual star signs, some people use them in playing games in a casino.

Final Thoughts

There are no scientific studies that prove that rituals and lucky charms have an effect on the outcomes of casino games. However, some believe that there is no harm in trying. They may not help you win your games, but they will certainly help you feel more confident in playing and gambling.

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