Boudhanath Satupa - Kathmandu love !!

9th Mar 2013
Day 1

Guys am talking about the royal Nepal heart kathmandu - Boudhanath Satupa. This beauty is famous for its towering over the surrounding town as a giant mandala of peace, beauty & giant eyes.

We were in kathmandu, had explored pashupati nath temple & then decided to explore boudhanath satupa famous for its beauty.

In Nepal local people believe in buddha & that's the sole reason this place is famous for its huge meditative monument which was built after passing of the buddha. We reached there by taking a local rickshaw & the first thing which astonished to our eyes is the giant dome on the top which sits a buddhist pyramid tower. The golden incarnated architecture is so much revealing to the eyes that one gets completely mesmerized by this place.

Entering inside also revealed various history related to it like stupa means a great tower also known as Chorten Chenpo & also the base of this tower is decorated with pairs of eyes on each of directions presenting the all knowing nature of great buddha. This stupa is the largest stupa in the world.

The major attraction at this stupa is that it looks like a giant mandala. This architecture represents the 5 elements. Interestingly the mantra which people believe there 'Om Mani Padme Hum' incarnated on the prayer wheels.Also the 2 circular plinths supporting the hemisphere which symbolize water (this piece of work is a must watch if one is visiting this area)

Heading towards more closer to this stupa we explored the nose like question mark is actually the number 1 in nepali character which represents unity & only one way to reach enlightenment through buddha teaching.

This is the perfect piece of beauty surrounding a huge area with buddha teaching incarnated in a beautiful architecture symbolizing different meaning to different structure.If one is in heart of nepal i.e. kathmandu then Boudhanath Satupa is mandate place to explore.Guys plan your weekend in a way to explore this beautiful place.

Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
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