Kanha Tiger Reserve Safari with Friends 


Kanha Tiger Reserve, Central Indian wildlife abode where Tigers rule. Tall green Sal trees takes the jungle (Forest) to a whole different level. The green tint of Sal trees is contrasting to this hot and dry season. The place has its own charm. It is scary sometimes and full of joy the other minute. At times it is boring when you don't see animal activity and the other minute, super excited after Deer's call. The open meadows looked like a golf ground. With a small lake in it. This open place is lined by tall Sal trees. And the jeep route runs along the edge. Sunset here is a dream to watch. Whole area turns yellow with dusty air and magenta pink sky. Spring is about to end, dry season has started. A tree in Kisli zone is ready to shed it's red leafs. A Crested Serpent Eagle, sitting on next tree is looking forward for his mating season. The jungle has good amount of water. Creepers are all over a hill. As per our driver cum wildlife expert cum resort owner cum 15 years of Kanha resident, Rahul, all the three seasons are extreme. In summer it goes above 40 deg, in winter it drops below 5 degrees and the rainy season... well you have seen the landslide in The Jungle Book movie.

Kanha, popular for its diversity and like some of his famous Tigers. Munna being on the top of popularity game. He's old for a wild tiger. This guy being a 15 year older still ruling his part. He had won some epic fights in the past. I can't/don't want to write it here. It's a story you have to listen in the jungle. On the first safari, in Kanha zone, we saw a Tiger resting in bushes. A small view of his neck and ear was visible through the dense bushes. He started moving after some time and we saw the stripes moving. He went couple of steps inside and sat down somewhere. We were at the end of our safari, so we had to leave him. Our Guide and Rahul could not figured out his identity. As we could not see him properly. We did not saw Munna either. I guess he was not interested. But we saw Chota Munna. Another huge Tiger from Mukki zone. He was quietly laid on the bank of a river. We could saw his belly part from the bridge. As the watch moved, many Gypsies started gathering around the place. He must have noticed the noise. He raised his head and started staring at the Gypsies on the other side. But like a King, he ignored the noise. He was in his own world now. Again our safari exit time was coming near. This evening and Chota Munna will be remembered as my first wild Tiger face.

Videos filmed on GoPro Hero 5 and Fujifilm X Pro2.

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