Karuna Farms, Kodaikanal

30th Sep 2017

Kodaikanal during September and October is full of tourists, of which most are families coming for the weekend. To avoid the rush, we stayed at Karuna Farms which is right in the middle of dense forests some 13 kilometres off Kodaikanal.

The closest city with an airport is Madurai, which is where our flight from Delhi landed. From here, it's a 3 hour journey to Kodaikanal by cab, and about 5 hours by bus. Since there were the 3 of us and we learnt that the route was also quite scenic, we took a cab which cost us Rs. 2,500.We were dropped at Kodaikanal lake, which was way too crowded for our liking. So we called Karuna farms to pick us up.

Now, Karuna Farms is located away from any settlements and the closest you can get by a vehicle is till Prakasapuram village. A 4x4 Jeep picked us up at Kodaikanal, and by the time we stopped at Prakasapuram village to buy some food to cook, it was already dark and beginning to feel quite remote. But as we took the road to Karuna Farms from there on, we realised why they used the 4x4 to pickup guests.

It was a bone jarring 20 minute ride over broken rocks and jutting tree roots and ditches. We were quite relieved to be honest, to finally come to a stop, even though it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

While apparently almost all others, from Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore come here looking for some magic..uhm..mushrooms. Such is the craze for the psychedelic fungus that you can ask almost any cab driver in Kodaikanal about them and almost all of them will promise to get you good shrooms. BUT, especially if you don't speak tamil, chances are you'll end up getting scammed!

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