Kastoria, Greece: The Lady of the Lake

21st Aug 2014

Kastoria city

Photo of Kastoria city by Maria Athanasopoulou

Kastoria: the lake

Photo of Kastoria: the lake by Maria Athanasopoulou


Photo of Nestorio by Maria Athanasopoulou

Paradisos restaurant

Photo of Paradisos restaurant by Maria Athanasopoulou

Akakios restaurant

Photo of Akakios restaurant by Maria Athanasopoulou

Chloe Hotel

Photo of Chloe Hotel by Maria Athanasopoulou

Afkos Grammos Hotel

Photo of Afkos Grammos Hotel by Maria Athanasopoulou

A travel guide about Kastoria, Greece.

The city is built on a peninsula surrounded by the lake!At this travel guide you will find a new destination: Kastoria city. It is a very interesting destination for people who love nature. You will find a description of the town and the area, some details for local accomodation and 2 reviews for local restaurants. You will find also distances and activities.

The city

The city of Kastoria is located at the northwestern part of Greece and is built on a peninsula surrounded by the lake. Kastoria is built on the site of the ancient city named Keletron mentioned by the Roman historic Titus Livius. The town counts around 20,000 inhabitants. It is famous for its fur production, which is the main occupation of the inhabitants. The city’s unique beauty and distinctive identity is enforced by the fact that the buildings are set beside the lake . In Kastoria there are many Byzantine churches. Overall, there are 72 churches in the city. Also famous are the Mansions, homes that were built by the inhabitants in the 18th century and are excellent examples of the local architecture. The town offers many options of accommodation to the visitor. The local cuisine is delicious and the visitors have many options to choose where to eat, enjoy a coffee or a drink.

The Lake

The lake of Kastoria is called Orestiada. It’s 9.5 meters deep and covers a total area of 28 square kilometers. It’s a protected water biotope of many species (200 in total). The lake of Kastoria is of outstanding natural beauty and people from around the world visit it to experience its unique beauty. Just beside the lake there is a lakeside road (accessible by car) where anyone can walk in and feel its charm! Accommodation choices are plenty. Besides hotels there are rooms to rent and one can choose the environment he prefers or suits best his wallet. For those who prefer a quiet place away from the crowded time, the Nestorio choice is also available. Nestorio is a beautiful small settlement in the woods, a 15 minute ride away from Kastoria. The choice is yours!

Activities offered:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Ski Centre (Vitsi)
  • Rowing


Kastoria is located 593 km away f rom Athens and 226 km f rom T hessaloniki. T he journey by car f rom T hessaloniki Airport to Kastoria is pleasant and lasts approx. two hours.

Local restaurant located in the area of Chloe. Delicious food prepared on demand, fast and efficient service, excellent taste and affordable prices. Suggested plate: liver prepared on hot coals.
Photo of Paradisos restaurant, Kastoria, Greece by Maria Athanasopoulou
Here you will be able to find home prepared pasta. Original taste, delicious dishes, nice environment and good prices. Suggested plates: The handmade pasta and soutzoukakia, (long shaped garlic meatballs)
Photo of Akakios restaurant, Kastoria, Greece by Maria Athanasopoulou
A very good 3 star hotel at Chloe area, Kastoria. Big rooms, clean, good breakfast.
Photo of Chloe Hotel, Antheon, Kastoria, Greece by Maria Athanasopoulou
A new 4 stars hotel at Nestorio, Kastoria. Big rooms, very clean, nice restaurant and cafe. Nice view!
Photo of Afkos Grammos Hotel, Nestorio, Kastoria by Maria Athanasopoulou