Kathmandu love @ Nepal!!

13th Apr 2013

We are in the heart of nepal that us kathmandu. This beautiful city is known as a vibrant, noisy place packed full of history, palaces and temples and also within Nepal premier attraction - the Himalaya.

We reached Lucknow and then took a bus to Nepal and all the way reached around 9.30 in morning. We already booked a hotel and then freshen up and were out for the exploration.

As our homework towards this place we found that kathmandu is home to places to visit like durbar Square, Boudhanath stupa and pashupatinath temple and so more more to go.
It was the morning time so we decided to visit pashupathi nath temple.

This temple has a history attached to it as it was built in 1696 on the orders of King Bhupendra Malla. Entering the temple our eyes were mesmerized by the beauty of temple as it was  in the pagoda style of architecture with all red and white combo all over. As this temple stands on the banks of the bagmati River which gives a very beautiful look to the temple or this acts as an cherry to the cake.

Heading towards the temple while exploring we were also mesmerized by the distinctive gilded rooftop, intricately carved rafters which is featuring members of Shiva family

Apart from all these beauty we also came to know about the  four silver-plated main doors surrounded by statues of deities which gives a awesome look to the temple. This temple is the best and very famous in nepal beaches of its beauty.

Now we thought of exploring next was boudhanath stupa which is famous as it is a  assigned UNESCO world heritage and considered as the largest temple in nepal.
Entering the place was an peace to eyes as the stupa was built on an octagonal base which is surrounded by 147 prayers wheels and 108 images of Buddhist deities. We also explored the colourful prayer flags which are blessed with juniper incense each new year. Exploring this place was the most amazing experience I have in life because of its beauty.

We took a lunch break had some best food in kathmandu and then out of so much excitement and enthusiasm we headed towards the Royal Palace which is  the site of the infamous 2001 massacre of the Royal Family by the then Crown Prince which is now presently converted into the Narayanhiti Palace Museum.

Guys if you are in Kathmandu then exploring this royal place urf museum is must because its beautiful incarnated architecture.

Apart from all these places kathmandu is also famous for its mountains which hold a magnetic attraction. One can also do
trekking to Everest base camp.

Guys kathmandu is the best place if you are a nature lover. A must visit place in nepal.

Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
Photo of Kathmandu, Nepal by ayushi kabra
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