Kaza Ladarcha Mela, Lahaul & Spiti


As everyone knew, India is a Land of different culture, customs, traditions & language. But very few knew about the culture residing in the Himalayas, where people still follow their traditions hence able to preserve their very own culture. They celebrate the arrivals of the summer, monsoon, winter etc. The arrival of the summer or monsoon allow the traders to sell their goods across different regions of the Himalayas. Trade has always been important since ancient times on these regions. That's why we mostly hear about the different trade routes or silk routes.

And I was very fortunate that I witnessed one of these cultures during my trip to Lahaul & Spiti. Its the Ladarcha Mela that happened in Kaza, headquarter of Spiti during 3rd week of August, 2016. The region is mostly remain covered with snow during Oct. to May. Lots of tourists came to this region on these four months only. Some came on bike and some came for trekking to certain mountain peaks too. This fair represents a meeting of the culture between the traders of Ladakh, Spiti and Kinnaur region. It indicates the departure of the Summers and arrival of the Monsoons. One can witness lots of traders selling their goods in the Kaza market. They usually came from far-off places when nature provides them relief from the Snow. Lots of handlooms, handicrafts etc can be seen on their shops.

 The fair also has music and dance shows at night, where popular local Pahadi singers sets the stage with pahadi, himachali songs. Various local dances are also performed by artists. Here is the video that I recorded from the night show :)