Kerala in the Monsoons


Kerala in the monsoons |

Photo of Kerala in the Monsoons by Sudeepta Sanyal

A couple of years ago I headed out to Kerala, for a spa getaway. It was in the heart of the monsoons and I was expecting to be indoors most of the times. My getaway was to a small village in north Kerala called Bekal. Since the time I landed in Mangalore and made my way through the many turns and nooks of Kasaragod I fell in love with the lush greenery that surrounded me. The landscape looked washed clean in the monsoons and I knew I had to see more. Post the leisure getaway, I boarded a train and headed south.

I realized very early in my travel business that off season is sometimes the real season, and I could see that even so clearly when it came to Kerala, a state over run with tourism for the rest for the year. In the monsoons the hotels, hosts, taxi drivers heave a sigh of reluctant relief. But the landscape turns a magical colour of green, and everything seems more beautiful, more calm sans the maddening crowds. Contrary to belief, there are no dearth of activities and sexy things to do in Kerala in the monsoons , here is my compilation for the monsoon traveler.


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