Kick start your small business by printing online with Vistaprint!

27th May 2015
Photo of Kick start your small business by printing online with Vistaprint! by Jack Botam Subhan

Photo of Kick start your small business by printing online with Vistaprint! 1/1 by Jack Botam Subhan

If you need something printed, whether it's a business card, a mug or a t-shirt, online shopping is definitely the way to go. Where getting custom printed material once meant going down to a copy shop and explaining exactly what you needed in excruciating detail, there are now hundreds of online businesses which provide an easily customizable printing service. With infinite variations on offer, customers can easily compare different designs to decide exactly what they need, then just as easily compare prices from different companies. The flexibility and versatility of online shopping means that printing is one of the many areas where customers have benefited from the new digital marketplace. Vistaprint was among the first companies to recognise the possibilities for printing offered by the digital format. Their simple approach has allowed small organizations and even individuals affordable access to the kind of quality printed materials that were once only available to large, wealthy organizations.

Vistaprint is an online printing business in the mould of Amazon, in that its business model relies very largely on rigidly enforcing software patents in order to hobble its competitors. The application of these patents means that the company is able to produce small orders cheaply by minimizing customization options, so that similar jobs can run one after another without a lot of labor intensive changes of paper or ink types. Their online design tools mean that even if you have no design experience you can easily put together any kind of printed media in an eye-catching and original way.

It might seem contradictory to offer a wide range of customization options and also save time and money by printing similar jobs together. Vistaprint is able to do this because they recognize that, actually, many small businesses have very similar needs. For example, how many different sizes and weights do you really need to offer for business cards? The answer is probably not very many. So while traditional printing services offered literally infinite different, near-identical sizes, shapes and weights for their printing materials, Vistaprint carefully offers only the most useful, meaning that they can save money and pass the saving on to their customers. That's why they've been able to bring quality printing to the mass marketplace at affordable prices.

A big part of that is the fact that they offer Vistaprint coupons on a regular basis, giving big discounts to new and returning customers alike. They also operate a 100% guaranteed returns policy, offering full replacements or refunds for absolutely any reason. It's the kind of policy that, to the inexperienced eye, seems completely unaffordable, but its contribution to building customer trust and loyalty makes it a kind of loss leader.If you need anything printed, digital is the way to go, and you can't really go wrong with Vistaprint. You can also get the best Vistaprint coupon codes Canada has to offer online, saving you even more money at the checkout and guaranteeing total satisfaction of all your printing needs. Vistaprint are currently offering 40% of on all orders, so it's worth logging on today.

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