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As mentioned before in the first of the series encourage people to explore some lesser-known destinations in . For now, though, this last post is about I'd wanted to visit Koh Kong along with Welcome to the eighth and final instalment in our Off the Beaten Track Cambodia - Kulen Mountain Day Trip our aim has been 'Off the Beaten Track Cambodia' series. to Cambodia . I'm sad to bring this series to an end but we ran out of time to visit any more places before we left this amazing country. I'm sure we'll return someday and when we do we'll endeavour to mop up those places we missed Koh Kong where I visited with my Dad in November 2017. . Chi-phat for a long time, so with Andy heading back to Siem Reap after our time in Kampot and Kep, it was time for a Father-Daughter adventure Our two days in Chi-phat was a washout with torrential downpours preventing us from doing much, so this post is based on our time in Koh Kong .

What to See and Do

Explore the City

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Koh Kong is not the most attractive city but it's still not a bad idea to wander around and explore when you first arrive . I always do this in a new place as it's a good way to get your bearings, find out where shops and ATM's etc. are and to get a feel for it.

Koh Kong Island

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About 10 km south of Koh Kong city in the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Kong Island, the main reason we went to Koh Kong. It's the largest island in Cambodia and with its golden sands, swaying palms and clear blue water, this is one of Cambodia's hidden gems . It's still relatively undiscovered so you'll be unlikely to see any other tourists, or at most, only a few.

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The first part of the journey was quite scenic as we passed by a floating village on the left, and Bak Klang fishing village and mangroves on the right. The bay on Koh Kong Island where we dropped anchor was, as we'd hoped completely deserted with not another person in sight .

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Peam Krasaop Mangroves

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It's 25,000 hectares have developed into an eco-tourism project called About 8 km outside Koh Kong city is Peam Krasaop Mangroves. Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary . There's an entrance fee of 5,000 riel ($1.25 USD or £0.90 GBP) for foreigners. This may or may not already be in included in the price if you do a tour...ours wasn't and we paid on arrival.

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Mangroves are diverse ecosystems, providing a home to hundreds of species and are teeming with life . As we walked through the mangroves at low tide, we noticed how noisy it was. There were snaps, crackles, and pops from all directions, it sounded like a bowl of rice crispies. It was as if the mangroves were actually breathing.

Where to Eat and Drink in Koh Kong

Despite not being a particularly big city there's still a decent selection of food and drink options, some locally run and some Western run. Most are of reasonable quality and a few are really quite good. You'll find most of the restaurants located on the riverside road, in the town centre, or on the streets between the two. We only had time to try out a couple during our short stay in Koh Kong city which were:

Wood House - down a dark side street about a block from the roundabout towards the river is the cosy little Wood House Restaurant. It's based in a traditional Khmer wooden house painted blue by its French-Khmer owners. It has quite a limited menu of burgers (including it's famous Woody Burger), salads and a Khmer and Thai dish or two. We'd heard their food was delicious so decided to give it a go. We shared Crostini to start for $3 USD (£2.15 GBP) which actually resembled mini-french bread pizza. It was very tasty and huge so we were glad we shared. For his main course, Dad opted for Battered Fish and Chips for $5.50 (£3.94 GBP) which looked and he said, tasted great. Again it was a sizeable portion and he struggled to finish it. I went for Minced Beef and Eggplant for $4.50 USD (£3.22 GBP), which was o.k. but nothing to write home about. This was likely more due to my own taste though rather than there being anything wrong with the dish. We found the owners so friendly and welcoming; when Dad left his camera behind they'd already put it away safely for him by the time he rushed back for it. Cafe Laurent - on our last night in Koh Kong Dad and I were craving some seafood. We also felt like treating ourselves so headed to the fancy (in relation to other Koh Kong restaurants) Cafe Laurent . The restaurant is partly built on a wooden platform out over the water. This makes for lovely al-fresco dining and would also be a perfect spot for sunset drinks. Dad and I shared a Tuna Salad for starters for $7 USD (£5 GBP), followed by a Seafood Tom Yam Soup for me and a Whole Steamed Fish for Dad costing $7.50 USD (£5.40 GBP) and $16 USD (£11.50 GBP) respectively . We both had a Creme Brulee for dessert for $2 USD (£1.40GBP) each and shared a bottle of white wine for $18 USD (£12.90 GBP). Everything was spot on and although a little more expensive than other places in the city, the quality of the food and the professional, polished service we received made it well worth it .

There were a couple of other restaurants in Koh Kong we'd have liked to try. These included Fat Sam's and an oyster restaurant run by locals that we spotted one day on a back street near the roundabout near the Thai bridge. I couldn't find any up to date blog posts on restaurants in Koh Kong to refer you to so I'd suggest TripAdvisor is your best bet.

Where to Stay in Koh Kong

We were hosted for two nights in Koh Kong at Nathy Koh Kong Hotel. I've reviewed this below. Read our full Product Review Disclosure here. Nathy Koh Kong Hotel

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The relatively new Nathy Koh Kong Hotel (opened mid-2017) is conveniently located on the main street near the roundabout. It's just a few minutes walk from shops, restaurants and market and ten minutes from the riverside. Room prices range from $8 USD (£5.70 GBP) per night for a Superior Double with fan to $20 USD (£14.30 GBP) for a Superior Double with air-conditioning . We were quickly checked into our rooms and the friendly reception staff helped us book our trip to Koh Kong Island the next day . I had a slight problem with the electronic lock on my door but they resolved it within minutes for me.

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Dad and I both had Superior Twin rooms with air-conditioning which we thought were excellent value for money . Each room had two comfy double beds with clean, white sheets and duvets; a widescreen tv, a wardrobe and a dressing table . There was also a fridge, complimentary water, and tea and coffee making facilities. I was extremely happy to see a bathtub in the spotless en-suite bathroom, along with complimentary toiletries, fluffy white towels and a hot shower .

Other Accommodation in Koh Kong

If you'd prefer to stay somewhere else, there are several other accommodation options in Koh Kong city . You shouldn't have a problem finding something to suit.

How you reach Koh Kong depends on where your journey starts. Be aware that bus companies and schedules often change without warning in Cambodia, so only take the below as a rough guide. Be sure to double check before finalising your plans.

Getting There

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The most common starting point for a trip to Koh Kong is from Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville or Siem Reap. You can make the whole journey by road or a combination of plane and road. You can book buses, mini-vans and taxies from most hotels, guesthouses and travel agencies . More convenient may be to book online via CamboTicket. It takes between five and six and a half hours by road from Phnom Penh to Koh Kong depending on what transport you take . The main options are by bus, mini-van, or taxi. The best bus company to use is Phnom Penh - probably Virak Buntham who have both buses and mini-vans on this route. There's one of each leaving at 7:45 am daily, costing $12 USD (£8.60 GBP) for a bus and $9 USD (£6.40 GBP) for a mini-van. There's also another mini-van leaving at 1:30 pm. The bus takes about 6 hours and the mini-vans are slightly quicker.

Siem Reap - To get to Koh Kong from Siem Reap you can go ( ) by taxi or bus. A direct taxi should cost about $200 USD (£143.10 GBP) and take around 12 hours. Double check before booking that it's direct though as some go via Phnom Penh to change car and driver. You can take a Virak Buntham bus for much cheaper, around $22 USD (£15.75 GBP) which takes about the same time as a taxi. Again be careful to book the correct bus as there are some cheaper ones which take up to 17 hours as you have to change bus and wait several hours in Phnom Penh .

JC Airlines also sometimes has some real bargain flights. The only places these can be booked is through the Ctrip website or a travel agency in Siem Reap.

Finally, Koh Kong city may be your first stop after you cross the For more information on the border crossing Hat lek-Cham Yeam border crossing from Thailand . It's only a 20-minute max moto, taxi or tuk tuk ride in Koh Kong city from the border. The Broke Backpacker has covered this in a blog post on Budget Travel in Cambodia which includes a section on Travel to Cambodia from Thailand.

Getting About

Other Activities

I'd recommend spending more time in and around Koh Kong city if possible as there are many other things to see and do to make a longer stay worthwhile . A few things we didn't have time for included:

Tatai Waterfalls - probably the second most popular attraction near Koh Kong city (after Koh Kong Island), is Tatai Waterfall. It's about 20 km away from the city set in the Tatai River which has its source in the Cardamom Mountains. It's a large rocky two-tier cascade surrounded by stunning mountain and jungle scenery. You can reach the waterfall by tuk tuk from Koh Kong city for about $9 USD (£6.44 GBP) and entry is another $1 USD (£0.70 GBP). You can also reach Tatai Waterfall by boat from Tatai bridge or as part of a jungle trek organised by one of the tour agencies in town. Beaches - besides Koh Kong Island's beaches there are more beaches in Koh Kong Province; some more worth visiting than others . Koh Yor Beach is a short 7 km moto or tuk tuk ride away from Koh Kong city. It's not the nicest beach you'll ever visit but it should be quiet and has sunbeds and shades you can rent. The nearby Crab Shack, famous for its soft shell crabs is reason enough on its own to visit. You could also visit Lam Da Beach and Sner Beach; although they are 20 km and 17 km away respectively so it would be easier with a motorcycle . Cardamom Mountain Trekking - home to a huge variety of species of flora and fauna makes for fantastic, adventurous trekking . Local tour agencies offer half day, full day and multi-day treks. Several of the eco-lodges in the area also offer treks as does Chi-phat, an ecotourism community-based project about 3 hours from Koh Kong city .

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P.S. Read more 'Off the Beaten Track Cambodia' via the following link: Product Review Disclosure: Nathy Koh Kong Hotel provided us with a complimentary two-night stay. This did not influence my post in any way and as always I've provided a balanced and honest review.

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