23rd Jun 2017
Day 1


It all started with a conversation with my best friend. He had a sent me a tune he had made and asked my opinion of the same.

I listened to it and told him that it sounded like a struggle in a beautiful place, tense and tough but at the end, it was all beautiful.

I told him it sounded like a trek!

He said, "well okay, I want you to make a film for this so you should go for a trek."

How exciting!

I didn't want to go alone so another friend accompanied me as he was an avid trekker too.

I checked my belongings:

Torch: check

Raincoat: check

Shoes: check

Water bottle: check

And most importantly, Camera: check.

Off we were!

The bus was to leave at 10:00pm that night but my friend and I had already been wandering near the pick up point for two hours.

After boarding the bus, and a quick round of introductions, our routines's were broken and so was language.

With the loud motor of the engine and some music in obscure little corners, we dozed off into the night.

The next morning, our journey would really begin.

Day 2

The climb back to the base was excruciating.

My feet refused to tread more than a few inches at a time and I ended up being the last person to reach back.

It didn't matter to me, because I was also among the few that made it to the top.

This was possible because I told myself during the trek that I came here for a purpose, I could walk back any second and that will be easy but looking ahead is the only way to go and that is how you will prove yourself to yourself.

I did it.

We had a loud and fun bus ride back home, filled our stomachs and hearts.

Treks are challenging and painful for the most part but what you feel on top is a oneness. When the clouds engulf the peak and you with it, there is no separation anymore.

Pavithra Sreekumar.