Kuldhara- The Haunted Village


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The haunted village of Kuldhara in Rajasthan where villagers fear to go after dusk.Some people have claimed to see burning fire, sounds of a lady walking etc . How many of you would dare to go here at night?

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Kuldhara village is an abandoned and cursed village lying not very far from Jaisalmer city in Western Rajasthan. It is interesting to know that it has been abandoned since the 1800’s due to a curse carried by the residents who migrated elsewhere, towards anyone who settles here.

The story goes like this, there was a minister of state named Salim Singh who fell in love with the daughter of the village chief. He threatened the villagers that if they did not marry the girl to him, he would levy huge taxes on them. It was then that the chief of the village along with those of 84 adjoining villages decided to abandon and migrate elsewhere in retaliation to Salim Singhs order. It is believed that they cast a curse over Kuldhara village as they departed that would bring death to anyone who tried to inhabit the land.

Photo of Kuldhara- The Haunted Village 4/5 by Soul Indian Journeys Photo of Kuldhara- The Haunted Village 5/5 by Soul Indian Journeys

This is most likely the reason why so much of the ancient village still remains (though most of it is in rubble). There is an eerie silence you feel when you look around at the crumbling brick structures span out towards all directions . According to what we heard, last year “Delhi’s Paranormal Society” sent a team of 30 people to stay the night in the eerie abandoned village of Kuldhara to check if the claims of people were true. They found out (somewhat unsurprisingly) that they detected mysterious moving shadows, haunting voices, hand imprints of children on cars and one person even claims he felt someone touching his shoulder from behind, but nobody was there. In fact, they even detected a rise and drop in temperatures, which is the case when there is ghostly activities in any area.

How many of you would seriously dare to go to Kuldhara village near Jaisalmer here after reading all this? Also, we would love to hear the experiences of people who have already been there.

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